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It is important to note that there is a distinct difference between banned and off-topic dolls.

The following companies and/or individual dolls and parts are banned from Den of Angels:


Banned doll companies

Specific banned dolls

Banned dolls from unauthorized distributors

  • bettytantai (ebay seller). Selling recast dolls from many different companies (including Luts) in a kind of resin that those companies do not use.
  • (company site, European convention dealer, confirmed as selling clearly identified Fairyland recasts on eBay)
  • sadie88 (ebay seller)
  • wa20091122 (ebay seller). States they are a distributor for AOD, Island Doll, Only Doll and Doll Love. But have also been noticed selling pre-orders for a Fairyland-designed MNF body, calling it an "Angel of Heaven" doll, offering it in colors FL does not.

These dolls or doll parts cannot be posted in the Marketplace or Galleries. Inquiries on how or where to buy them will be removed.

Recast dolls

Recast dolls are banned from Den of Angels, and it is strictly against the rules of the forum to discuss or post pictures of recast dolls, or to attempt to buy or sell them via the Marketplace. Den of Angels is resolutely anti-bootlegging and we expect members of this forum to respect our rules on this matter.