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Thread: Doll Leaves MSD [45 cm] Discussion part 2

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    My Maya (girl body) came some time ago but I've just recently made some clothes for her. Her face was my first faceup (besides a Hujoo Freya which is totally different) and first time really trying to sew for an MSD. ^^; She's a work in progress but she's everything I hoped her to be! I've been ignoring my SD boy in favor of her and my boyfriend keeps chastising me that Vander needs attention and a bigger wardrobe too.

    She's strung very tight so she has issues posing. She can't hold her arms up without them snapping either up or down :/ Need to fix that. Kinda terrified to try tbh. It keeps me from playing with her right now. DL's female bodies are so soft and lithe looking. Very graceful. I'm very happy with the decision to try an MSD sized doll. They're so much cheaper (though more difficult) to sew for! XD

    Picked up a Kira head too so I could get Lian. Not sure if I want to make it a boy or girl... It is a lovely sculpt. I'm biased though I guess. Anything with elf ears and I am SOLD.
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    patches I love that dress

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    Thanks for the nice comments, and I love seeing yours too - I think several of the Doll Leaves sculpts are really beautiful. I liked Flora's eye shape best, but love them all.

    I tried several different wigs, but all my dolls have now ended up wearing fur wigs - Flora's the most outrageous coloured!
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    Quote Originally Posted by silvermasques View Post
    patches I love that dress
    Thanks! It can be a challenge choosing fabrics that "go" with her hair. >.>
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    Okay, now I'm scared! Are all DS dolls strung that tightly? I was hoping I would not have to restring ;.;

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    Not all are very tight. I find my amara to be perfect, while my kira is tighy and gabriel is very loose

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    my DL boy W, named Ludvig ^^

    DSC_7684 by plastic~people, on Flickr

    In my opinion Doll-Leaves dolls are totally awesome)

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    Patches, Maya looks wonderfully. It accepts this dress!

    dharmaniac, fantastic!
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    Hi, all your dolls are very beautiful. At first I did not know Whether I like it or not. But the more pictures I saw, the more we came to thesis magical dolls. Well, yesterday was sent to my girl Kira. I'm looking forward to seeing it first.

    It Patches: Maya has a beautiful dress, and her face up is very pretty.

    And please excuse my bad English. It was not until I learn.
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    My newly acquired Maya on AoD body...someone sanded her chest so she could be a boy or girl...she feels girly today..
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    I have a question kind of.. I was wondering, do you guys think that Kira would be able to pull off a cute look? I mean his face is a little more mature than some of the other dolls they have but I really want to use that sculpt for a future project. (which is actually gonna be a bat boy that wears shorts and long socks)

    So what do you guys think? yes or no
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    I don't see why not!! the right faceup could easily make him very cute

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    Blah ... I ordered a new pair of shoes for Lydia from releaserain on ebay and I've only just read the reviews from here. Only bad reviews on the clothes ( just because they're blatant knockoffs ) and wigs because they're falsely advertised but everyone else has good reviews on everything else he/she sells... So now I'm nervous...
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    Thanks guys ^^. I can't wait to make her something new. I already have lots of fabric for her!

    molliebean- yay for redheaded Mayas! /highfive I love that top. The sculpt suits so many ideas. It looks great on an androgynous body.

    with the right faceup, he could pull off anything I think!
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    Today has arrived elven princess Ailinon - Kira. I'm very excited about it. It's beautiful. Just not yet wig and eyes what I wanted for her. I have to buy it before.
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    Haven't been active lately.
    I shall spam you with a picture of my girl, Dahlia <3

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    WOW, she looks lovely. Is that an Amara?

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    Your girls is adorable smashcakes~ >v< love her faceup and little outfit!

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    I'm not sure if I ever posted apicture of my "new" girl Emerentia. I got her at the end of last year. She is so pretty <3 (Vivian). I just love this girl and even though the prices are not as high as for some other companies her ability to pose is really good! And the quality of the default make-up is amazing!

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    The pictures that I've missed are gorgeous! I haven't been keeping an eye on most of the places I'm subscribed to because I've been getting ready to move, but I just couldn't help pulling Estella out today; she's gotten her right dress finally.

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