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Thread: Feedback for SpookyKlo

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    Feedback for SpookyKlo

    Hello! ^___^
    If I've done business with you please leave me feedback.
    Thanks so much in advance!

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    SpookyKlo bought a Mecha Angel Sabik from me. She paid upfront and was very patient while it took me time to find a box and pack that big boy up! She let me know when the package finally got to her safely. I am very happy with this transaction and I would love to sell to her again. Recommended

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    SpookyKlo bought SOOM Heliot OE Head and a pair of master hands from me.
    She is nice & friendly and replies to PMs promptly~ And furthermore, she make payment promptly as well~
    I will highly recommend her~! =Db
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    SK bought 2 heads from me.
    She communicated very well and paid quickly! I would do business from her again!

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    I bought a IOS Hiro head from SpookyKlo and it arrived very well packaged, in perfect state. Despite some personal problems, SpookyKlo shipped the head quickly, which was very nice from her. She informed me as soon as she could and answers quickly to PMs.
    I would gladly deal with her again
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    SpookyKlo sold me a Gackt Minimee head. Had been a pleasant transaction with good and friendly communication. She shipped out fast as well. Recommended .
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    I bought a york head from SpookyKlo, she replied the message very quickly, good communication, packaged the doll very well and sent the doll so quickly. She is a very good person, I recommend her to everyone as a seller! Thank you very much~!
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