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Thread: Feedback for bluegirlwish

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    Feedback for bluegirlwish

    I guess it's about time I start a feedback thread.

    If you've worked with me here at all, be it boho pants, other commissions, group orders, whatever, please do leave feedback! I'll try and leave feedback for you!

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    I had a great transaction with bluegirlwish in a group order from DOD!

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    bluegirlwish is a wonderful buyer! Very sweet, prompt about paying, and nice enough to let me know that she was happy with what she bought.

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    Was in on a small Dollmore order run by bluegirlwish. Really fast, and she was nice enough to make Fay try on Angel's shoes and sexy panties since I don't have my CP boy yet. ^^

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    I had three transaction with bluegirlwish and all went awesome she's great to deal with and is very nice XD
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    I had a wonderful transaction with bluegirlwish. <3 She was prompt with payment and was always really sweet in our communication. :3

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    I've done a couple of clothing trades with bluegirlwish. Her stuff is really well made, and she's really nice.
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    She realized for me some clothing I've drawn, and can only say that her works are awesome and she is really gentle and kind. good comunication and fast shipping!
    thank you!

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    I just bought a pair of SD16 shoes from bluegirlwish, and it was a wonderful transaction! She is very sweet and communicative, shipped *immediately,* and was an all-around excellent seller.

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