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Thread: feedback for wc_dragon

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    Great to deal with. Wonderful communication and follow-through. I bought two outfits from wc_dragon. Hope our paths cross again!

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    I purchased a blonde SD wig from wc_dragon. Great communication, super-fast shipping, and the wig is even more beautiful in person. An excellent seller!
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    Leekeworld MSD size orangey color wig.
    Great communications and speedy ship. Wig arrived in perfect condition! Thank you!
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    Bought a pair of eyes, they were well packaged and in great condition.
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    i bought a gorgeous leekeworld wig from wc_dragon and was as always a total pleasure to buy from!!! buy and sell with confidence from her as she is such a sweetie!!!! thanks so much!!!

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    I just received a wig from wc_dragon, and it's BEAUTIFUL~
    The transaction was smooth, and she mailed it to me promptly after payment It arrived in perfect condition, and will look lovely on Reira (DOC Bee-A) when she arrives <3

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    I bought a Luts body from wc_dragon. Shipping was quick comminication was good. All around good transaction.

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    I bought a head from wc_dragon, thank you so much! Wonderful packing and super fast shipping! Great to deal with.

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    I sold a Volks Lucas head to wc_dragon, she's an excellent buyer! I hope you enjoy him!
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    I can't believe how fast I got my goggles from wc_dragon! She's very helpful, too, and nice!
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    wc_dragon is a great buyer! The payment was sent super fast and there was great communication. Thanks! ^^

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    wc_dragon sold me a nice pair of Lucas eyes, She packed well, shipped fast and has excellent communication. A great person to buy from!

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    I bought some eyes from wc_dragon, she shipped them right away and they're so beautiful and in perfect condition *__* Thank you soo much, I adore them!!

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    wc_dragon sold me a doll couch, fast shipment, great communication, overall perfect transaction! Highly recommend!
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    I just received a wig purchased from wc_dragon just a few days ago. Just as stated, packaged well, shipped quickly. I'm very pleased! Thanks!
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    I bought a shirt from wc_dragon, it arrived safe and sound
    Highly recommend

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    I purchased a vest from wc_dragon. It arrived quickly and the transaction went smoothly! Thank you very much!
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    I bought a wig from wc_dragon and it was very easy and pleasant. She shipped very fast, and the wig is gorgeous! Thank you!
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    I bought 2 items from wc_dragon and the transaction went smooth !
    good communication, good items!! Thanks!
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    Great buyer, great everything

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