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Thread: Any Azurielle Feedback

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    Any Azurielle Feedback

    This a thread for anyone wanting to leave feedback about their transactions with me. I'd appreciate any time you wish to take to do so, and I promise to return the favor!

    Here is my current list of great sellers/buyers/or just people I've had wonderful transactions with:

    Kagari (sold some clothes to)
    jaxagambla (sold a doll to)
    Lord Rosiel (bought some boots from)
    Tuvie (did a comission for)
    xanthe_roses(did a comission for)
    fireflytranc (did a comission for her)
    jerrysugarav (bought some msc from)
    artdoll56 (I bought a body from her)
    Stormlight (I did a comission for her)
    Bloodlath (bought some wigs from me)
    zoi no miko(bought aida's outfit from me)
    Lachlana (bought a cloak from me)
    Mich (did a comission for)
    Cenarius (bought a head from)
    juumou (bought a shirt from me)
    mystic-rush (bought an outfit set from me)
    otokke (bought a head from me)
    Stella Maris(bought a doll from)
    fairywings (sold a wig to)
    Aschfan(Bought a doll from, great transaction!)
    Lotusmoon (bought a shirt from me)
    PrincessAI436 (bought a duster from me)
    fairyhalo (bought an outfit from me)
    Nodel (bought some eyes from me)
    shadrouet (bought some eyes from me)
    Eiko82 (bought an outfit from me)
    avacado (bought some wigs from me)
    purplekaren (bought a cloak and outfit set from me)
    p^th3T!k~grrr1 (bought a cloak from me)
    Sillypeach (bought a wig from me)
    AlhanaTsuki (did a comission for)
    Neolucky (bought a pair of eyes from me)
    roxy630 (bought a pair of eyes from me)
    nepherim(bought a cloak from me)
    bluegirlwish (DOD group order)
    sassy (sold a pair of eyes to)
    celticgeekess (traded a pair of eyes with/did a comission for)
    visionsofdolls (did a comission for)
    Yuu-chan (leeke group order)
    nightfall_walker (order a toy gun from)
    Karin (masterpiece order)
    Elle (did a commission for)
    salvation_jane (bought souldoll eyes from)
    Brooksie (did a commission for)
    syrinxfox (bought pliver)
    trailofscarlet (did a commission for)
    AlhanaTsuki (Did a commission for)
    sylvrdragon (commissioned an outfit)
    Rynn007 (did a commission for)
    Noriko (souldoll group orders)
    Armeleia (mods and faceups)
    Starherd (bought a wig from/Sold a wig to/bought hands from)
    amelia_aa (bought outfits from)
    katsai25 (did a commission for)
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    I had a great transaction with Azurielle. Even though huge things were happening in her life, she let me know EXACTLY when she would be able to work on the dress I comissioned. Great communication and work. More than likely I will be buying from her again in the future.

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    Great transaction with Azurielle! Fast and friendly! ^^

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    Azurielle is a wonderful seller - created an absolutely gorgeous outfit for my Syo elf. I don't want to take up a lot of space in Azurielle's feedback, but please follow the link to see her work

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    Great eye trade, thanks!!

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    Azurielle made my boy a wonderful duster, and he just loves it! Very high quality!
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    Great transaction from Azurielle from a DOD group order

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    Fantastic transaction with Azurielle! Fast shipping!!!
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    Azurielle is great! Awesome cloak, fast shipping! Faultless! I'm very impressed and would definately do business with her again!!
    <---- I did make these.

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    Azurielle does beautiful work! Ships fast too! thanks so much!
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    Bought and recieved eyes from this seller very quickley, she was wonderfull !

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    I bought and received a dress from Azurielle. She is a wonderful person to do business with
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    I also bought and received a dress and cloak from Azurielle. Shipping was fast and items were packaged well. The clothes themselves are well done and beautiful.
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    Azurielle is a great seamstress. She has created 4 outfits for my elven family. Her latest creations were just beautiful. Plus she is always a great communicator and ships everything out super fast. Thank you!

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    I just recieved my shirt from Azurielle. Beautiful work. She was polite and extremely helpful. Thank you once again!

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    Just had a great transaction Azurielle. Communication was great and payment was swift.
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    Quick and easy transaction!
    Thank you very much! :-D

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    Azurielle bought my ISMY from me. Our transaction was quick and painless. I was honest with her about the condition of my doll, and she was great to do business with. Honestly there were a few who were looking for the same doll, but she was great to deal with. I'm so glad I chose her!

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    Got another set of outfits! LOVE them! Thanks again!
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    naruri head

    Wonderful & Hassle free Transaction! Item received well-packed!

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