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Thread: DollClans - 2 new heads: Jaguer and Benkel

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    DollClans - 2 new heads: Jaguer and Benkel

    I don't know if anyone notice, but DollClans show us their two new heads: limited Benkel and non-limited Jaguer from Tigris Claws. Both of them look really nice

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    Link to the DollClans web site so you can take a look at these new gorgeous guys:

    Link to the DollClans Winter Event 2012 information:

    Link to the DollClans DoA Discussion Thread:

    EDITED TO ADD: Pricing information is up! Release date is December 7th.
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    All sales and pre-order are opened
    Pre-order will be closed on December 14th 2012, 7 PM (GMT+7, Bangkok Thailand).
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