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Thread: Little Monica - Little Harmony Line Discussion

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    Quote Originally Posted by lileychristie View Post
    I can get to their website without any problem since yesterday... weird. Have you tried again?
    I've tried for the past few days, I even tried a different browser.
    It goes straight to problem loading page, lol.
    I clicked on their official link on here, on google, twitter, even the links provided in this thread...nothing.
    Not sure why.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lileychristie View Post
    Hey, you got the same idea as mine!
    I love DD Airi but the DD body just has some aesthetic flaws that I dislike, and now that LM has released their mini line, I'm thinking of someday getting DD Airi with LM Little Harmony Body

    Oh and I'm so happy to hear that you ordered Irin! You might get the first Irin here XDD
    Please post ton of pictures of her when she arrives!
    I'll be sure to post photos of her blank and as a hybrid! I got the NS version so now both skin tones have been ordered

    Quote Originally Posted by pinksugar View Post
    I've seen LM normal resin match Volks pureskin normal quite nicely. I have to consider this body for a hybrid with a volks msd/sdc head I think.

    Shara; please share pictures of her when she arrives!
    I will! It's good to know about LM matching Volks, because my Unoa is from a batch that is just as creamy as my Volks girl. If minimal blushing would be needed, it'd be perfect!

    Quote Originally Posted by alogue View Post
    I have Irin on order. I ordered her within the first few hours they had her up! xD! I've been waiting so eagerly for LM to release this girl ever since I asked them about a MSD line earlier this year. They had said they intended to release her last year but got caught up and couldn't do it till this year.

    I'm not 100$ in love with how chubby her hands are, but I love the shape of her body. She's so lady like and everything looks so smooth. I'm really looking forward to seeing this body in person.
    I also ordered the white skin which I adore, it's really "papery" white compared to my other whiteskins which are from FL that have more of an ivory tone to them. That's how my Honey Harmony Lucille was anyways. :3
    Congrats on your order! The hands had me worried too for a moment as well, but they look to be porpotionally chubby to my Unoa's hands. I hope they'd release optional hands in the future, I love fist hands... Do LM have option hands for their bigger dolls?

    Quote Originally Posted by Valentinegirl View Post
    The new body is very pretty and elegant! I just wrote and asked them if they would consider creating a flat-chested upper torso as an option. If they did, I think this body would be almost perfect for my 12-year old JID girls. I am looking for a new body for them.
    This body flat chested would be even more perfect ;__; It's just my cup of tea (I hate sewing for breasted girls...)!

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    Ebony, I have no problem accessing the site either. I'm using Safari as my browser though.

    Wonder how long it'll take for them to get 50 orders ^^a

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    For Little Harmony, we do not use DD's factory.
    Now, we only use their factory for our Harmony Line dolls.
    We produce our Little Harmony and Honey Harmony lines from other factory.
    So the skin color may have a little difference.
    Please consider this when you compare the skin colors. ^^

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    Ebony Rain Perhaps your firewall or ISP is blocking the site? Try clearing your cache before accessing the site again, too

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    Hi Everyone,

    I got my reply back from LH about a flat-chested breast piece and I'm afraid they told me they have no plans to make one.

    Perhaps if they got a lot of requests for it, they might consider it?
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    Well, there's always sand paper

    I currently have two Unoa faceplates, one of them is supposed to be big breasted and the other one completely flat. I'm still not sure which one I'll put on the LM body, probably I'll decide just when the body arrives..

    I suppose tan LM dolls are also out of the question? I'm in a market looking for a cute tan slim mini and I've always liked LM's bigger sculpts. Irin wasn't really must-get-cute for me, but we'll see what she looks like when she gets here.

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    hmm... looks like 50 Irins already. wonder who else from here is getting her

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    @Shara yeah LM has never released any tan doll before, so I guess asking for one is out of question...... But still we can give some suggestions and hope they'll consider it someday

    To those who have bought Irin, please post tons of photos of her when you get her
    Especially with different kind of faceups, I think she has a lot of potential ^^

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    Just read a little review about Little Irin on BJDCollectasy.
    Hopefully not long until you guys, Shara and Alogue, and others (who first ordered her right after the release) will get yours

    Please post lots of photos <3

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    I ordered through a dealer and they sent the order at the end of April to LM so I'm still going to wait for a bit I'll go see that review though!

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    Quote Originally Posted by marxwyn View Post
    Just read a little review about Little Irin on BJDCollectasy.
    Hopefully not long until you guys, Shara and Alogue, and others (who first ordered her right after the release) will get yours

    Please post lots of photos <3
    Oh I read that review yesterday, and it was an awesome review! I think everyone here should read it:

    Let's relive this thread up!

    Shara and Alogue, any update on your orders?

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    Nothing since the dealer sent the order through and forwarded to LM

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    I also was one of the first 50 to order Irin, and yet no update for the order.

    She will be my first doll, I actually was surprised when I found out I bought one of the firsts. I've been looking around at dolls for so long, she just seemed perfect and stood out so much. ^^ I guess it was impulsive, but I don't regret it at all. She's so stunning!
    I will definitely show pictures after I receive her! I bought her some pretty jointed hands as well. (:

    EDIT: Ah! I just checked again 3 hours later, and I was updated on my status of progress, and my doll was shipped today!
    I am so excited!
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    No updates here. Still patiently waiting on any news

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    Congratulations! oh, TrinityInRainbows, would you please show your Irin with the jointed hand? which jointed hand did you buy?
    ah... the excitement of the first one. *cheer*

    Alogue, that's surprising, thought you bought right after the announcement ^^; and I check the waiting room, that they usually have it ready in about a month (although, I do realize LM said they're using different factory). I do hope you get yours soon

    And Shara, you're getting the free heel leg parts right? I'm not sure how a dealer works, but it would be a ... pity (?) if you miss on a pair (regardless you need or not)

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    I think I spoke a day too soon! I got my shipping notice just now

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    Marxwyn, I will be recieving my jointed hands roughly around mid-June, so there will be a wait for the pictures of her with them. When I do receive them, I will definitely update and show lovely new pictures! I got Dikadolls jointed hands, I really hope the skin tone matches! I wouldn't really mind if they were a tad different though. Either way, I need them, so I'm happy!

    Alogue, Congratulations!

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    Congratulations TrinityInRainbows and Alogue!!!!
    Looking forward to your box openings and photos ^o^

    Do you get her with faceup or not, TrinityInRainbows?

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    Lileychristie, Thank you so much! I'll be making a box opening video or pictures when I receive her, as she will be forever a wonderful memory! I'll show everything she comes with!
    I did get her with a faceup! I loved the way the default looked, but maybe someday I'll get a commission for something unique! I am looking around for body blushing services, to make her all nice and pretty!

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