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Thread: How many outfits do you have?

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    How many outfits do you have?

    I resently got a new dresser just for my doll stuff. Then I bought some small zipper bags to organize it all. Today I was organizing the PukiFee clothes. And I have . . . . . . .

    37 outfits other than the 4 my PukiFees are currently wearing. Thirtyseven! *Faints*

    And I haven't even opned the box with LittleFee clothes yet.

    So confess people. How many outfits do you have for your dolls? I want to know. (I'm hoping at least some people have more than me. )

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    I do have outfits more than you. I have 10 dolls with me and the one who have the least number of outfits have 7. (not counting one shirt and one pants as separated outfits) One of my YoSD girl has the most outfits, I have never counted, but I believe she have the outfits more than 20 herself.

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    No idea, but my two SD size girls alone have two large suitcases -- stuffed.

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    No idea on one, Jade (Rachel) but I think Sakura (Kumi) has like 10? Of course she'll share now with Jade. Kyanite (PKF Shiwoo) has like 6 outfits, but shares some with Baby Sorral (Shiwoo MH), Luna and Cho (Luna and Cupid MH) have too many to count, lol. (shirts and pants) The Pukis...have a lot too! I should take pictures.

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    I have four stacks of Sterlite drawer towers, each 5ft+ tall with multiple drawers. JUST for the tinys. Not including my sales stuff, which has it's own set of towers.

    The bigger resins have four of the wider Sterlite drawer towers, also 5ft+ tall each.

    It's a sickness.
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    I have a real problem when it comes to outfits! Last time I counted I was at 90 outfits (some of them are only shirt+pants, other have more than 5 pieces). Thas was:

    69 outfits + 37 pairs of shoes for my 9 YOSD
    12 outfits + 5 pairs shoes for my 1 Pukifee
    9 outfits for my 2 Pukipuki (they don't wear shoes since they are kitties)

    I agree with clochette, it is a sickness!

    I actually took photos (which have to be updated with some new), it is fun to have some clothes only pictures as reference, and very useful when you are planing the dressing for a photoshoot! I totally encourage you to do it with your clothes Rynn007 and everyone! You can see mine in my flickr:
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    I have around 10-15 dresses for my pukifee and five pair of shoes along with two pair of leggins, one beanie and some other stuff
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    I have a total of 19 outfits for my 2 yo-girls. Doesn't sound like very much, but almost all of them are limited dresses.

    I didn't count my tiny shoes, but I don't have that many to begin with.
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    Man - I feel soooo much better about my collecting habits of clothing/outfits now! My girls (there are 6 of them) all have various pieces each, but no one has more than about 10 single items each, so outfit wise there are probably...maybe 20 outfits total? My pukifee is spoilt (I always enter her in swaps!) so she has the most, and is followed by my minifee, since I find her the easiest to sew for so she gets lots of my attention when it comes to sewing. Then my other girls all have pants and a couple of shirts each. I'm sure they'd all have more if I had the money to buy them!
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    Wow I don't feel quite so insane any more. LOL

    Sakura that's a wonderful idea with the photos. I think I'll put it on my to do list. (Even though I might never get that far down on it)

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    My CH Ange Ai Uri has 9 outfits, mostly from Rosen Lied and Swan20. Plus various shoes, accessories, jewelry, etc.
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    Dustbunnie you are definitely not insane! Well, if you are, then we're all too

    Right now my 4 tines have very few outfits, but I'm going to make more and more! Dressing up the dolls for photo shoots is so much fun and part of the hobby. That's what I got my dolls for in the first place. Because it is really amazing how different clothes and wigs can make the same doll look so different. For me it is a way to express myself. Besides, their outfits are tiny and can easily fit in some neat box.
    Oh, well, let's see what I say in a year from now .
    But right now I'm on a realpuki high and can't get enough clothes for them!

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    Sane is overrated, I vote we are all just insane!

    For my 3 yo's, I have 90+ outfits. 29 pairs of shoes.
    Pocket Fiary Sugar has 39 outfits and lot's of mix and match options + 16 pairs of shoes.
    Pocket Fairy has 16 outfits and 6 pairs of shoes.
    I'm afraid to count the Puki's options.....
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    When it comes to tinies, my one little girl has a whopping 3 outfits, 1 pair of shoes, and several articles of clothing that while cute, don't go with anything else. Yeah, I need to work on her -- and I really want to too, she's so darn cute! But somehow she's always gotten shoved to the back of the list when it comes to clothes. Maybe that should be my dollie resolution for this year -- buy more tiny clothes.
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    I have a lot of outfits... And I combine them all the time, so I'm not sure how to count "outfits" as there are more clothing pieces than outfits really. But there is a lot more than 37, and I have only two girls!! Lol!
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