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Thread: Feedback for Chibifaery

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    Feedback for Chibifaery

    Please leave feedback for me if you have bought from me or have sold to me! Thank you!

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    I bought a beautiful knit kitty ear hat from Chibifaery and I just LOVE it. Chibifaery was great to work with, worked really fast, and was extremely accommodating. I would definitely work wtih Chibifaery again.

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    I sold Chibifaery a Delf Yder head via layaway. She made all payments on time, maintained communication throughout, and let me know when her head arrived. Thanks!

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    I sold Chibifaery my Puki Pong on layaway payed on time and even payed her off early A+ transaction would love to do business with her again *hugs* enjoy your new doll.
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    I sold my MNF Soo to Chibifaery and it was a pleasant transaction throughout. She was very sweet, we communicated flawlessly, and she held on to the terms of her layaway perfectly. I would do business with her again with great pleasure any time. A +++++ buyer who truly loves this hobby.
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    I sold my doll to Strawberry, she was fantastic to deal with! extremely understanding when I felt the need to switch from USPS to UPS due to security of the doll delivering safely and then USP shipping tracking being down. By the time I could deliver her the tracking number, the doll had arrived safely. I would highly recommend her as a trustworthy sales person. She also did a split payment plan that all payments arrived on time as stated. Feel free to sell to her!
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    Sold a ws minifee boy body to chibifaery on a short layaway. Payments were quick and communication was wonderful. There was some kind of snag at the post office that had the poor body going in circles, but chibifaery was very understand, super helpful, and happy to work with me as we tried to hunt down her body and get it to where it needed to go.

    An excellent person to work with! I would happily do it again.
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