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Thread: Feedback for Chibifaery

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    Feedback for Chibifaery

    Please leave feedback for me if you have bought from me or have sold to me! Thank you!

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    I bought a beautiful knit kitty ear hat from Chibifaery and I just LOVE it. Chibifaery was great to work with, worked really fast, and was extremely accommodating. I would definitely work wtih Chibifaery again.

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    I sold Chibifaery a Delf Yder head via layaway. She made all payments on time, maintained communication throughout, and let me know when her head arrived. Thanks!

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    I sold Chibifaery my Puki Pong on layaway payed on time and even payed her off early A+ transaction would love to do business with her again *hugs* enjoy your new doll.
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    I sold my MNF Soo to Chibifaery and it was a pleasant transaction throughout. She was very sweet, we communicated flawlessly, and she held on to the terms of her layaway perfectly. I would do business with her again with great pleasure any time. A +++++ buyer who truly loves this hobby.
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    I sold my doll to Strawberry, she was fantastic to deal with! extremely understanding when I felt the need to switch from USPS to UPS due to security of the doll delivering safely and then USP shipping tracking being down. By the time I could deliver her the tracking number, the doll had arrived safely. I would highly recommend her as a trustworthy sales person. She also did a split payment plan that all payments arrived on time as stated. Feel free to sell to her!
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