From the Bimong's atelier website:

From January 16, price of whole item is going to rise.

By rising prices of copy factory raw material, I adjusted price inevitably.
Specially,France resin.
I Had offered by raw material price.
We ask for your understanding regarding this matter.

New price by item.

Korean resin ( normal ) $350 => $380
Korean resin ( real & tan ) $350 => $450
France resin ( normal & real & tan ) $350 dollar => $450
All white skin ( France & korean resin) $100 => + $200

New price by Miss DAY's Makeup

Default - $30 => $50
Special - $50 => $70

I Will always do best to all customer.

Bimong also posted this warning:


I just confirmed that Dollfair has not closed the website and it's still doing business.

The option for choosing dolls still works and you can put an item to the cart and proceed to check out. On the front page there's an announcement from September 2010 that there has been delays on the production so the dolls will be shipped out in October.

They have listed my pictures and even talks about custom make up by artist Kim, Kyu Yun. Currently, Kim does not work with any company in particular and has no interaction with Dollfair.

One of my newest client informed me that she had contacted Dollfair without knowing their true identity couple of weeks ago. At that time she didn't get any response from Dollfair so she continued searching for Narae until she found me from another link.

Last night she received a reply from Dollfair about her inquiry. She had asked about the waiting period after making payments and they replied by asking which doll she was referring to.

I would like to remind you again that Dollfair does NOT have the ability to make Narae nor the right/permission to sell Narae.

So, please be aware!

Dollfair's homepage is not connected to any other pages, but when you google "Narae doll" one of the first link is Dollfair's "Ordering Narae 43 cm doll" webpage.
Please be aware and the only official webstore to order Narae is at

Furthermore Art-bimong is not responsible any transaction by Dollfair.

Thank you.