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Thread: [PIPOSDOLL] Cube , Dreaming Mari basic edition updated

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    Do we have a date for the release at all please? I can't find anything about it on the site?

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    Milo (Soom Glati), Quinn (Soom Yrie), Muffins (Pipos Baha),
    Satine (Pipos Charlotte),
    Dreymandi (Soom Minette Unicenta)

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    This is notice for 2011 Jan. releasing date.
    We'll show you the details and price soon. (releasing on Jan. 28th PM9:00 Korean time)

    < Dolls >

    -cube basic edition (PI / grey, white skin)
    -dreaming Mari basic edition (PO11 / normal skin)

    < Outfit >

    -apple cake (PI)
    -sugar waffle (PO11)

    < Wig >

    -PO11-W006 (black straight wig)
    -PO11-W007 (brown straight wig)

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    updated the photos !! ^^

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