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Thread: Feedback for Veila

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    Feedback for Veila

    I didn't see a feedback thread for her yet, so I thought I would start one,

    I sold a 1/4 resinsoul doublejointed body to Veila, she payed super fast, and communication was great, thanks Veila


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    I recommend Veila for faceups. She recently did a mini faceup (adding a goatee that's quite sexy) on my brand new boy! I love it!! She does awesome work and I recommend her for any faceup you want for your doll! I will definitely go back to her for Uzi's faceup!!
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    Veila purchased a Dollheart outfit from me! She requested a short-term layaway, but paid for the outfit much sooner than expected! She was a pleasure to do business with, and I highly recommend her!
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    Veila did the faceups on three of my boys. She did a really great job. I would ask her again to do a faceup on one of my dolls.
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    Veila did a faceup and body blushing on my 5StarDoll TongTong and it turned out wonderful! =)

    I already asked her to do the faceup for another of my dolls coming in.
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    I sold a Pipos anthro to Veila and the transaction was a pleasure. Fast payment and wonderful communication. Thanks Veila
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