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Thread: Feedback IWAKIKATOU ^-^Y

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    Feedback IWAKIKATOU ^-^Y

    What just should I write. I am selling good and cheap cloths and I just will sent it within 2 day (sometimes at the same day you have sent the money) ^-^Y

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    I purchased a pair of pants and a jacket from iwakikatou and I am beyond pleased with them. The shipping was fast and all of my n00bish questions were politely answered XD
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    Thank you very much again. ^^Y I am happy that all is good

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    I got shoes, pants and a jackets, all great condition and all just as she said! Great working interaction and happy experiance!
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    I got shoes and a blouse. Everything was in amazing condition and the shipping was very very fast. Would definitely buy from iwakikatou again. Thank you!
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    Thank you my dears! ^^Y You are welcome again. Hope the other girls will get their stuff very soon too. ^^b I am very glad!

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    Bought a pair of boots from iwakikatou and was very pleased with the transaction. She was willing to work with me while I was in the process of moving and was easy to make arrangements with. The boots were in wonderful condition, the shipping was quick, and they were packed very well. Overall a great seller and highly recommended

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    Thank you all very much. T-T I hope magic bunny will get her second item too T-T worried

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    I was lucky enough to get a matching set of red Chinese Priest Kimono with headpieces. These are amazingly vibrant and well put together period outfits. They are complex outfits, but surprisingly simple to properly assemble just by looking at the photos that Iwakikatou put up onto her marketplace thread. Very high quality stuff in terms of the sewing and design! I bought both the outfits (sinced they matched and they were simply too beautiful a set to break up). Though they shipped around a holiday in the USA, they both got here pretty speedily and were true to the size Iwakikatou quoted in the Marketplace post as well.

    (If she ever sells more of these grab what you can! )

    Thanks, Iwakikatou!

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    Thank you magic bunny. I will do more if I am getting more time! I am happy that now everyone has gotten the stuff very quickly! Thanx so much! You are all welcome again!

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    iwakikkatou bought a head from me. She paid on time and she is super friendly^^ Thank you for buying him! I hope you'll enjoy him!
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    Bought a pair of 1/3 sized motorcycle boots fro Iwakikatou. Arrived today, great condition and suit my boy perfectly! A++ Seller, would DEFINITELY do business with again!
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    iwakikatou bought Chrom Head from me.
    Incredible friendly contact and really fast payment!
    100% positive!
    Please, I'm NOT a girl! @__@ Thank you!

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    "Bought" the Epidos centaur body from her as part of a split.

    She was always ready to help poke Soom when they were starting to delay with shipping the items out, and was very patient with me always asking "have they shipped yet?". Good communication.

    Thanks for splitting with me and handling Soom.

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    I bought a Soom Breccia head from Iwakikatou.
    Everything went smoothly. She was very understanding and let me do two payments, and the head was shipped super fast <3

    Thank you again!!!

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    I purchased a lovely Soom Epidos Unicorn head from iwakikatou ... It arrived very fast, wonderfully and safely packed ... The head is absolutely in perfect condition as described ... I couldn't ask for a better transaction ... Thank you so much.

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    I bought a pair of boots for my Soom Dia from her !
    The shoes are in perfect condition, the price and shipping was perfect and fast.
    Nice person, everytime again !

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    I bought a Soom Chrome head from iwakikatou. The head was packed very well! She was very friendly and easy to work with and I would definitely buy from her again! <333

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    i bought a soom epidos human head from iwakikatou. the communication with her was really good and the head fast shipped. ^^
    thank you. ^^

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    I bought a doll head from iwakikatou.Everything went well, communication was very good and friendly,and the head was arrived safely. Thank you again^^

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