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Thread: Feedback for Soraiasama

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    Feedback for Soraiasama

    Soraiasama bought a doll (D.O.C. Twing-key) from me and everything went perfectly! She was quick to reply to PMs and sent the payment very quickly. Highly recommended! Would love to do business with you again Soraiasama!

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    Soraiasama bought 2 pairs of shoes from me and the transaction went on smoothly. I am really happy dealing with her. A very nice buyer with prompt payment and she also being really patient. surely recommend her.

    Thank you so much... ^_^

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    Soraiasama bought two Custom House dolls from me. She was a pleasure to deal with, very friendly in PMs, paid promptly and let me know when the dolls arrived. I'd gladly to business with her again! Thank you very much!

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    She joined my Dollmore Go~ Fast payment, clear on what she wanted!

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    Soraiasama bought some wigs from me. She was a great buyer, nice to talk to, and prompt in payment. I will recommend her to all as a buyer!
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    (I apologize for how late this feedback is but I haven't been on DoA since I sold you the Zaoll Luv.)

    Soraiasama purchased a Zaoll Luv from me.
    An absolute pleasure to deal with. Prompt payment, and kept in contact throughout. I would recommend Soraiasama to anyone looking for a completely positive transaction.
    Thank you so much for giving my Zaoll Luv a new home. <3

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    Thanks for your were a pleasure to work with!

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    Soraiasama joined my recent Leeke Go, and I couldn't ask for a better participant! She paid quickly and was incredibly friendly and fun to work with. I definitely recommend her for other GO's and I would love to have her as a participant in another GO of mine in the future! Thanks again for being fabulous!
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    Soraiasama bought dolls cloth & wig from me and I have to admit that she is a wonderful person
    fast payment, perfect transaction and very kind and patient ^___________^
    I'd be glad to deal with her again

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    I sold Pukifee Ante to Soraiasama. She is polite and kind. Communication was good and payment was promptly highly recommended
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    Soraiasama bought a Lati yellow NC Lea tan from me. The communication was great and payment was in full. very happy to deal with Soraiasama, and would definitely recommend her!

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    Soraiasama purchased several yosd items from me and she has been very awesome throughout the entire process. She was a great buyer and always paid immediately. We have another transaction still pending as the parcel is still on its way to her. This first one went extremely well and smoothly with no problems whatsoever. Thank you again and hope you will love your items. Highly recommended buyer to all. A++


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    Soraiasama this time bought a lot of SD dresses from me and same as the previous transaction she was really great to work with. She paid immediately and is a very pleasant person all around. I am very pleased with this 2nd transaction as well. I highly recommend her to all. Thank you very much and I hope you enjoy your new items! A++


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    Soraiasama recently bought a tiny bjd from me. Communication was awesome and payments were timely. When the doll arrived, I was notified and I couldn't have asked for a better transaction Highly recommended!
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    I sold a Volks SD Tae to Soraiasama! Transaction was amazing from start to finish, she's great with communication and payment was done fast and swiftly. I am sure Tae's now in a great loving home and I highly recommend her as a buyer! I'd definitely deal with her again in the future. Thank you so much for adopting this girl!

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    Soraiasama bought a pair of high heel feet for minifee from me. She paid promptly and let me know when it arrived. She was also super patient!
    Thank you so much for a smooth and pleasant transaction!
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