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Thread: Feedback for Giodrakes

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    I was lucky enough to have Giodrakes purchase an Iplehouse outfit from me, and it was such a great transaction. She asked for a layaway, but was able to pay it off earlier than anticipated--and the timing couldn't have been better, since I was about to run to the post office anyway! She let me know just as soon as the outfit arrived, and it's been great doing business with her!

    Fast, fun communication, speedy payments, and she let me know when it arrived. I look forward to doing business with her again in the future!
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    I giving this person a A+++. I bought a obitsu 60cm from this person and every thing went well etc.

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    I had the most wonderful transaction with Giodrakes. She purchased a Full Set Limited Doll Zone Asura from me. Seriously her payments (he was on layaway) were so fast and so prompt. I joked with her that she was the only on time thing in my life!
    She was AMAZING at communication and was so friendly! I highly recommend her to anyone and everyone!!!!!
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    Bought Iplehouse nYID Rexy from Giodrakes. Great communication, got her out in a reasonable amount of time, everything went ok and Rexy arrived in perfect condition. Would recommend.

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    ~~ Took part in my Jan 2013 Dollmore Go~~
    Would love to work with again! Thank you !

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    I Purchased a nYID Emilia head from Giodrakes and transaction went great- head was packed well and communication was great!

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    This is so far my fav transaction I ever had on DOA <3
    Gio is a really great person who was helpful the whole time, and really fun to work with.

    I purchased an nYID body from her it came VERY well packed.. she took the time to label every part in it's own bag wrapped carefully.
    Thanks so much

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    I purchased a Littlefee faceplate from Giodrakes and love her! Thanks so much!

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    I bought a Saint from her and the whole transaction was great. Quick communicator, quick shipper (she apologized because she couldn't send him the very next day, had to wait a whole day!), and she packed him wonderfully. Great experience.

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    I bought a Pukipuki Piki from Giodrakes, and it couldn't have been easier! Communication was fast and friendly, the package was wrapped up so nicely and it arrived safe and sound. Would definitely do business again!

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    I bought a Puki Puki Sugar from Giodrakes, and everything went smooth! She was very understanding about my need for layaway, and was kind enough to give me a short extension when I needed it. The doll arrived wrapped up safe and sound, and shipping was prompt! A+++ Highly recommended seller!
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    ^u^ Gio commissioned me to paint her Saint [what a handsome boy!] for her. She was lovely all the way through, with excellent communication, straightforward instructions, and quick payment! I'd love to paint for her anytime

    Thanks Gio!

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    I sold a Soom Hati to Giodrakes! She was lovely throughout the transaction, kept me totally up to date with her payment dates and let me know as soon as the parcel arrived
    I hope you enjoy the doll!
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    I bought a pukipuki Ruby to Gio and everything was ok. Gio is a very nice person and this little girl is so cute ! Fast shipping, very well packed. Will love to make more business with you !
    Cheers from France,
    Iplehouse and Kaye Wiggs addict ! and

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    I did a trade of Soom Fantasy parts with Giodrakes. She is a really lovely person. She sent me pics on request and everything went perfect. The parts came well packed and in perfect condition. I asked her for some souvenirs from Cananda and she sent me some wonderfull little gifts. Highly recommended member. I hope I can find something to deal with Gio again. Thank you so much sweetie *hugs*

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    I got a Homme Fer in Black from Giodrakes! It was in perfect shape and shipped super fast! thanks!

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    Gio bought socks and stockings from me. She paid quick and the communication was perfect. I highly recommended her ^^

    Thank you
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    Giodrakes bought a yo girl from me. It was a excellent transaction. She is friendly, super fast payment just wonderful. She also let me know when she received the package. Thank you so much. Highly recommend.

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    great long list I bought a pukifee body from giodrakes, very nice communication, thanks very much and good luck.

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    I bought an Iplehouse outfit from Gio. She is very nice, polite and super easy to deal with!
    The outfit arrived very quickly and I'm happy with it

    Thank you!
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