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Thread: Feedback for Amoraseth

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    Dec 2009

    Feedback for Amoraseth

    Thank you for taking the time to leave your feedback. I will be sure to do the same.

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    AmoraSeth recently purchased a wig from me and it was a great transaction! Quick payment and great communication! Thanks so much!!

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    AmoraSeth purchased a pair of shoes from me... had great communication and paid promptly.

    Would definitely do business again!

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    AmoraSeth purchased a shirt from me (after a bit of hassle revolving around another members' waffle-y ness about a different shirt x_x) Her communication was awesome, and she paid promptly. I would definitely recommend working with her :3
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    I purchased a pair of eyes from AmoraSeth. She had great communication and i would buy from her again!

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    AmoraSeth bought a pair of pants from me, paid quickly and was very pleasant to deal with

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    Canada, eh!
    Purchased a Nine9 Style jacked form AmoraSeth. It was in perfect condition ^^
    She's very friendly, and all around pleasant to do business with.
    I would definatly buy from her again!
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    AmoraSeth bought a volks suit set from me. great communication and fast payment thank you very much^^

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    AmoraSeth purchased a Volks LE Mark head from me on layaway, and her payments were even quicker than expected. Communication was excellent, which helped make the transaction a smooth one.

    Thanks, and enjoy! ♥

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    Bought some eyes from her! Fast shipping and really friendly (:

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    Amoraseth bought a SD13 boy body and a pair of shoes from me on layaway. Her communication was sweet and friendly. Her payments were on time each time and in the end she even finished the layaway much earlier than expected.
    She showed her great understanding when I was overseas and could not send the parcel to her. I really really appreciate that.
    I highly recommend her to everyone. Thank you so so much Amoraseth for the perfect transaction.^_^

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    Amoraseth bought preorder dress from me. great buyer great communication everything is perfect when work with this buyer thank you so much and looking forward to serve you again dear XD ^^

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    Amoraseth purchased steampunk eyes from me, her payment was quick, communication excellent and followup was great! Amoraseth was a pleasure to deal with start to finish, couldn't ask for better!
    Thanks so much

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    I just bought a black MSD fur wig from Amoraseth and the transaction was great. She shipped the item out ASAP and it got her really quick. Great seller!

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    Amoraseth participated in my Iplehouse GO. Great, clear communication. She paid quickly and was overall super nice. I would absolutely do business with her again.

    Thanks for a great experience!


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    I bought a fantastic Volks wig from AmoraSeth, and I love it! She is super nice, and and sent me photos so I could make sure it was the look I was wanting, and she packed it really well, and it is in pristine condition. I would buy again form AmoraSeth anytime!
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    Excellent transaction with Amoraseth who purchased some eyes from me on layaway. Payment was faster than agreed and communication was great. A perfect buyer. Thank you!!
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    Amoraseth recently participated in a Dollmore GO i hosted. Everything went extremely smooth and they were a pleasure to deal with. I would love to do another GO with them and look forward to working with them again! Thank You for making my first GO so Easy.
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    I purchased an item from AmoraSeth. Item was shipped quickly and packaged nicely.

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    Amoraseth participated in a GO i ran for nine9style. She was very easy to work with, paid on time, and had excellent communication. I would definitely work with her again, thank you!

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