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Thread: Opinions please: Pukifee or Littlefee

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    I have all 3 of these, the rp, puki puki and pukifee, and so far the pukifee get the most cuddling and biggest wardrobe. The rp makes me smile every time i see her so shes special for her own reasons, plus she and my puki live in the houses i work on. Overall I guess I prefer the pukifee because I feel like I can take her places without worrying about her hands/feet falling off (notorious for pukis) plus she wont get lost and shes just precious!!! But I love them all and honestly I think the question should be "which one first" because they will all have a way of getting into your home... then wanting friends...

    I will be out of town on the weekends, please give me until monday to respond to PMs!

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    I purchased a realpuki Soso, a pukipuki Darjeeling and a pukifee Ante a few weeks ago. I love Soso. He is the cutest thing and I would never sell him. He is harder to dress as he is so small. I also love pukipuki because I love how she is so nicely proportioned. I had no problem finding clothes and wigs for her and there are endless dollhouse items that can be used for furniture.
    I loved the face on pukifee Ante but the fact that her head was so big bothered me. I decided to return her and exchange her for a Littlefee Ante. I also like the fact that alot of the vintage furniture for dolls like Wendy, Betsy etc. works well for Littlefee. I had a hard time finding furniture for pukifee because she is in between the two sizes. Looking forward to seeing which one you decide on.

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    The pukipukis are nice because (if need be) you can dress them in Barbie's Kelly clothes, which are mostly found secondhand now. They are also the best size for 1:12 dollhouses. So dollhouse props are great for them. But they are difficult to find shoes and wigs for.

    The pukifees are nice because, as someone mentioned, they are easier to handle and SO much easier to find clothes and shoes and wigs for. However, in my opinion they are bobble-headed and top heavy!! I just don't know why Fairyland made most of their dolls with proportioned heads and not the pukifee.

    Realpukis, again, will be even more difficult to find clothes, shoes, and wigs for than the puki. Most things will have to be custom commissioned. But the size does well enough in 1:12 dollhouses and dollhouse props.

    I have to say my favorite is the pukipuki. I have a pet peeve about bobble-heads. Though I do have a pukifee on the way (I ordered all Ante sculpts in the three sizes). But I'm already looking forward to a pukipuki Pukisha and possibly a pukipuki Darjeeling.

    The best advice I could give is to say to the advanced searches for each size in the specific threads like Photo Requests and Discussions. You will find lots of pictures as well as information. It will take a lot of time but the research is well worth it.
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    Ok this are my 2 cents... I LOVE pukipukis. I can do almost everything with them. I had a bunch of other dolls (Pocket Fairies, Unoa, other tinies) before having pukipuki, but they're just the perfect size for me.
    I also have a realpuki, and I have a Pukifee at home (it's not mine but from a GO and I need to send it soon).

    I don't like pukifee (or other dolls of the same size) because they have a big head. I don't like dolls with heads that are too big, and so this thing about pukifee bothers me a lot. I also think that pukifee are really too big for me. I know the saying this may sound strange, but it's not only a question of cm (or inches). Pukifee are more... I don't know what to say, chubby? Large? Not in a bad way, but pukipuki, even if they're still chubby, are less childish. I like this because my pukipuki are like "chibi" characters. They have no age (or better, they sometimes are children but more often young adults), and this works well with the pukipuki body and this wouldn't work with the pukifee body, for me.

    About clothes: I always read that there aren't many clothes for pukipuki, but I don't have problems finding what I want. The details are obviously smaller and more difficult to do for the pukipuki, but there really are a lot of shops in etsy and a lot of styles to choose. The only thing I have difficult finding are suits for boys. But I've found something really cute for them too!
    The realpuki... Are almost impossibile to dress, if you don't want them to be elf. I love that they look so elfish-fairy, but my realpuki character is a fairy who wants to live in the humans' world, and I haven't found a lot of clothes for her. Despite being just a couple of cm shorter than pukipuki, realpuki are more thin than pukipuki and this influences the type of clothes that can be made for them. This and, as I said, the fact that they look very elfish.

    For poseability: as already said, the pukifee and the realpuki have double joints. They also have a larger movement of the head. For the realpuki, the joints are a bit difficult to move. But it may be because I'm used to pukipuki. The pukipuki knees have a sort of double joint, but in the elbow it would be useful to have one. Still... not so useful. It (again) may be that I'm used to them, but they stand really easier than the other two (Pkf have a big head and fall downs for the weight, realpuki have tiny legs that don't stay straight so easily).

    I also made some comparison photos here: they are useful to see the difference in size and poseability.

    Anyway the conclusion of this really long story... If you really want a realpuki, go for it! I think that every size has its flaws, so choose the one your heart prefers

    Oh and by the way, if you prefer a realpuki but want a pukipuki plate that's also possible
    Pukipuki flickr group! -> link
    I have a whole bunch of pukipuki, a couple of realpuki, a Julia pig and, an Aileendoll Pico and a Unoa Chibi at home.
    And I'm waiting for baby Lapis!
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    Oooh exciting! Exciting because I was right where you are a little over a year ago. I originally found out about the Puki Puki size because I was into everything 1/12 scale and had just gotten a huge 1/12 scale dollhouse. BUT, yeah...well, I shortly discovered the PKF size and fell in love with them. Needless to say, my PKF was the first bjd I owned. After going PKF for a while I finally was lucky enough to get a Puki Puki (a choco puki, no less!) and I love her.

    If you want a bjd for your dollhouse, I would say, get a Puki Puki. They are perfect for 1/12 scale things. PKFs are ok in the houses if you don't mind them looking like giants and looking enormous near the doors (they take up a lot of space in the houses too). If you are looking for a size for your dollhouse, Puki Puki is the way to go They can even use some re-ment stuff, though most will seem really big. The only drawback with the Puki Puki size is the availability in clothes but I found cute outfits on e*ay under Bandai Strawberry shortcake and some on e*sy.

    PKfs on the other hand don't realistically fit to scale in a 1/12 scale dollhouse but they can use re-ment, some 1/12 scale food, there are furniture alternatives out there, and clothes are easier to find. It all depends if you are really focused on your dollhouse as being a major decision maker. I eventually have both sizes so it worked out for me... I hope this helps though
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    I've owned Pukipukis and Pukifees (as well as Multihead pukis but never realpukis), and I have to say that I, personally, find Pukifees to be my favorite. I like the "bobble headed" look that they have, and I find it easier to make clothing for that size. I also had a hard time adjusting to the pukipuki size, despite growing up with Kelly dolls (which are about the same size and can wear each others clothing, etc).

    If there are any BJD meetups in your area, it is always recommended that you go to one and see which one you prefer from there. That is of course if people in your group have those dolls.
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    I'll add my 2 cents. I have all three and love them all. I think puki puki's have the most stable mobility followed by a close 2nd by the Pukifee. Since I have 2 lati yellows, the pukifee has the most clothes. She probably has the most "out" time too. My Realpuki had a mishap right after she arrived (hand popped off into the floor boards) and her restringing left her a bit crooked and I can't remember if she was like this when she arrived. She is probably the cutest of the three but the hardest to dress and wig. Also, the weakest magnets. I've seen the face swaps between realpukis and pukis, and it's not pretty without the wig (it fits but RP faces are noticeably smaller compared to the pukipuki backplate). One warning about all of them - Fairyland has these little guys strung in a weird way - I haven't been able to figure it out and I'm very comfortable with the tasks will all my others. This shouldn't be an issue unless they get filthy.

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    Pukifee or PukiPuki?

    Hallo everyone!

    I'm looking for a little dolly advice. I have absolutely fallen in love with the FL molds, really who hasn't?

    I have a Felix Brownie already and I'm shopping for a second dolly. I'm really torn between the Pukifee and Pukipuki size. I know PukiPuki's are the same size as a Brownie, and the Pukifees are about a head taller... I may or may not sell my Brownie to help fund the new girl.

    My question(s) is..
    Which size do you prefer? Why? Who poses better?
    Are Pukifees hard to shop for? (clothes etc) I like that Pukipukis can wear Kelly clothes
    Are either molds 'kicky'?

    I had a CustomHouse Ai Pepe but the size was so weird for me, she left rather quickly, which is why I'm concerned about a Pukifee, but I love to look at pictures of them. Arrgh! My brain is so confused.

    I do have Blythes, which are about a head taller than Pukifee's and that size is fine with me...

    Any advice would be great. Thanks!

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    Pukifee! This is just my personal opinion of course, but the pukifees are an all-around better choice. They pose magnificently. Their sculpts are much nicer and more detailed than pukipukis, because they are larger. Pukifees have much more attractive bodies, too. Pukifee is MUCH easier to shop for because it's slightly larger and because they share size with the super popular Lati Yellow. The only thing that is easier to find for pukipuki is miniatures, because pukis are 1:12 scale. Pukifees work with 1:6 scale. While it is convenient that pukipuki can wear Kelly clothes, I wouldn't consider that a huge factor since there are plenty of shops on ebay and etsy that sell cheap Lati Y/PKF clothes. In my experience, pukifee clothes are generally nicer because it is difficult to get a lot of detail when sewing for pukipuki. (Although Hinyan makes amazingly detailed pukipuki sized clothes for their 11cm obitsu) Pukifees can also wear Liv/Moxie wigs which you can buy in any toy/department store for around $8. And did I mention that Pukifees are cuter? Their larger size allows for a lot more detail. I've never had a pukipuki before, but I have an obitsu/resin hybrid which is the exact same size. The pukifee size happens to be perfect for me, but everyone has different tastes! If you're used to the tininess of the felix brownie, the pukifee might shock you, because even though it's only slightly larger, it doesn't have that 'tiny' feel, and more of a 'little' or 'small' feel, if that makes any sense.

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    It's a difficult decision to make and you're going to get a multitude of different answers. I don't think anyone can tell you which is better - they're just different from each other! I have both sizes and prefer my pukifee over my pukis for a number of reasons, but there are just as many people who have both sizes and prefer their pukis!

    I think if you have time and patience, both sizes are easy to pose. Neither of them are kicky. I photograph my pukis less, simply because my pukifee have more toys and more rounded characters and I find them easier to photograph with my old camera.

    Pukifee are ridiculously easy to shop for - I buy far more for them than I do my pukis. There are a myriad of reasonably priced clothes and as a bonus they can share some of them (and their shoes too!) with Blythes. Unless you are talking about middie Blythes, pukifees are significantly smaller than blythes. This photo may help you with an idea of scale.

    The second doll from the left is my lati white special - the same size as a pukipuki and the redheaded girl to her right is a pukifee. My Customhouse Bisou Ai is missing from the photo but she would have stood between the cat and the lati yellow special girl wearing the deer dress - so you can see that pukifee are significantly smaller and much differently proportioned than customhouse girls.

    The sizes in my dolly family by honeythorpe, on Flickr

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    The sheer plethora of stuff you can get for pukifee is crazy. You'll never run out of stuff to buy for them and you'll always want more because, well, pukifee are very demanding about getting new treats It's a great size but as Honeythorpe said there's no "better" they're just different. I just bought a pukipuki (who should be arriving today!) because I want a smaller doll to make room boxes for, just someone to pose in scale in pretty rooms lol. I think they're both great sizes, but I do think the pukifees look nicer as other have said.

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    Thank you! I love reading more information about them and getting opinions on both sizes is awesome. I am glad to find out they're smaller than Customhouse girls, thank you honeythorpe, that picture helps a ton!

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    oh! Pukifees are the same size as Bobobie Elfkins. I feel dumb. lol

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