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Thread: Feedback for kappaka

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    Feedback for kappaka


    Feedback thread for me, kappaka (a.k.a kappauka in DA)
    Please feel free to comment when you deal with me.

    Thanks you very much.

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    I bought a Dreamingdoll male body from Kappa. She was so friendly and easy to talk to, and extremely helpful. The parcel arrived within 3 days!! I definitely recommend her to anyone

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    Senior Member kemmyfat's Avatar
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    Melbourne, Australia
    Kappaka bought some wigs, clothes and shoes from me. It was a fantastic transaction: her super-fast payment and friendly communication has really impressed me. She lets me know as soon as the package has arrived. Highly recommended!!
    Thank you so much~^^

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    I completely recommend kappaka.
    Polite PMs and prompt payment.
    thank you

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    Kappaka bought a minimee body from me; good communication and very prompt payment (!). Informed me when he arrived, which was very nice of her
    An overall excellent transaction.

    I'm glad you like him Kappaka

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    The doll head I bought from her came in record time! Thank you so much~
    - Never Sick of Sugar

    My feedback thread~

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    very nice people~
    good communication
    very prompt payment
    any about my wigs welcome pm me~
    (*^__^*) ~~

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    Washington, DC Gus251's Avatar
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    Washington, DC

    A+++ Highly Recommended!

    I highly recommend Kappaka as a buyer. She paid before it was expected and let me know right away when the doll arrived. Thank you so very much! ~Gus

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    Once again, BROKE!! yeast's Avatar
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    I sold Volks SD13B Body Long Legs in NS to kappaka.
    She was absolute pleasure to deal with. Very kind, good communication and fast payment!!
    Thank you so much for this wonderful transaction

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    Let's zombify it~! akasora's Avatar
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    Kappaka bough a volks yo from me. Payments were made on time and she was very polite in pms. Recommended buyer!
    ~ It's never too late to have a happy childhood ~
    -Tom Robbins -

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    Bought a gorgeous head from her. She was so kind she even put the head on hold for me cause she wanted it to go to someone who really wanted the head. I can't thank her enough. Head was shipped fast and everything was just perfect!
    Thank you so much!

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    i bought a volks body from kappaka, it's arrived safe and perfectly packed, everything was as described
    very polite and helpful seller
    thank you so much

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    Kappa bought a Volks YoSD from me and she is very nice and sweet through out the whole transaction,
    and very quick in payment as well. I highly recommend her and she even take the time and let me know once the doll arrived.
    Thank you so much for a very pleasant and smooth transaction kappa~!!

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    wishing for another boy yagamijo's Avatar
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    Bought a SID body from her. She was very nice and patient about my need for layaway. Body came with broken fingers but she took on the responsibilties of checking with doll company on costing and replacement of parts and send payment for the replacement parts. Definately a recommended seller. Buy with confidence ^^

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    Washington, DC Gus251's Avatar
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    Washington, DC

    Excellent person to deal with! Cheers :)

    Kappa is among the best, more reliable people to deal with on DOA. Do not hesitate to engage in any type of business with her.


    Feel free to contact me about my sales. ~Gus

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    I sold Appini ZZZ head to Kappaka. She's very pleasant and nice to deal with. Fast payment and understanding, no doubt to transact with her again~
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    I bought a #9 head from kappaka she was kind friendly and quickly answer to all my question. She shipped the head as soon as I send my payment, head safely arrived to my comissionable artiste
    recommended buyer!!!

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    I traded my Volks minoru head for kappaka's Volks School head A. It was a great trade, we both shipped at about the same time, and the head was packed well and arrived safely. She was great to trade with! I would definately recommend her

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    kappaka bought a pair of SOOM Chrom Firelord Hands from me. She was very nice and her communication was great. She paid quickly. She was great to deal with. Enjoy your new smexxy hands. Would love to do business with kappaka again.

    - Lum Out -

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    rogue female ravendolls's Avatar
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    Kappa recently purchased two pair of Volks YoSD hands from me. She paid promptly and let me know of the hands' safe arrival!
    Thank you very much!


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