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Thread: Feedback for SchizoCheese

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    Bought a Heliot wig from SchizoCheese and it was in PERFECT condition, as stated.
    I would gladly do business again ^_^

    Thank you!

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    I bought the yoSD sized denim jumper with hat and socks. The communication was friendly,smooth and swift. Would definitely buy from Schizocheese again.
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    I had a wonderful transaction with SchizoCheese, I'd sell to her again. Thank you so much

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    Bought a pair of Ash Grey Zouks from SchizoCheese, and she was mahvelous to work with. Would most assuredly recommend to anyone, and would gladly purchase from again!

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    I had a great transaction with SchizoCheese Very professional and timely, with no problems at all I would happily buy from again!
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    Sold 2 customised handmade furwigs to SchizoCheese. An absolute wonder to work with. Quick payment and fast PMs. Definitely a A+ Buyer! Thumbs Upz! ^_____^v

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    Schizocheese ordered items from my shop. She paid quickly and had great communication. highly recommended.

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    bought an SD sweater from schizocheese, awesome transaction.
    Thanks for keeping me up to speed with the package!

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    Sorry for the late feedback, I thought I had given it already @@;;
    I had a nice transaction with SchizoCheese, payment was really quick and she was kind enough to let me know the package had arrived.

    Thank you again!

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    I just bought two pairs of SD jeans from SchizoCHeese and they arrived in perfect condition! The transaction went very smoothly, she was very polite and informative, all in all it was a wonderful experience, thank you very much!

    Highly recommended seller <3
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    Schizocheese joined my LUTS GO, her payment was prompt and communication was great as well!
    Was an enjoyable experience overall.

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    I bought a pair of shoes from SchizoCheese,
    and they arrived safely and as described.
    Couldn't be happier about the whole transaction. Thanks!

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    I bought Kaelin's head from SchizoCheese. She was wonderful from the beginning to the end! Communication was great - very fast and friendly; SchizoCheese was very understanding and helpful. She shipped very quickly and gave me a tracking number - and four days later I've already got the package The head was wrapped perfectly safely and is totally lovely
    I'm very happy with the transaction, will gladly deal with SchizoCheese again.
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    Traded a JrDelf body with SC for a Volks 10 body. Perfect transaction on her end. Body is in beautiful condition, was packaged well and shipped fast. SC was very pleasant to deal with, would definatly recommend her!

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    in the secret garden Marketplace Ban
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    Bought two shirts and a pair of shoes. Fast shipping, can't wait to get these on my Mecha Angel Edward Cullen AAA++++++++++++

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    SchizoCheese buy wig from my shop
    very nice people~
    good communication
    very prompt payment
    any about my wigs welcome pm me~
    (*^__^*) ~~

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    I bought a wig from SchizoCheese. Communication was friendly and prompt, shipping was fast and the wig is in great condition exactly as described. I have purchased items from her before and will happily do so again in the future. Thanks

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    SchizoCheese (love the name) recently purchased a Lati M Head from me. It was a great transaction from start to finish, with excellent communication and she was a real pleasure to deal with. I would do business with SchizoCheese again in a heartbeat.

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    I bought a wig from SchizoCheese. Communication was fast and friendly, and she kindly provided me with extra photos when I asked for them. Shipping was fast, and I'd definitely buy from her again

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    I bought a Littlefee Chiwoo girl from SchizoCheese and she was an absolute wonder to work with. She kept me fully appraised of things and the packaging on this little girl was wonderful. She even gave me a free dress and wig! Wonderful seller. I would definitely do business with her again and highly recommend her.

    Thank you!

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