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Thread: Feedback for chrishasi

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    Feedback for chrishasi

    Please place feedback for chrishasi here:

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    A completely enjoyable gal! Chrishasi purchased a limited outfit from me, and paid instantly. All our communication was timely and such fun! Hope to see her again and I highly recommend her as a buyer! Thanks so much!

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    an absolutly wonderful person she purchased a AOD Mo off me
    highly recomended <3

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    Chris bought a body from me, the entire transaction was perfect and Chris is a pleasure to deal with.
    Super fast payment, great communications.
    A wonderful buyer and a credit to this forum.
    Very highly recommended.

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    Senior Member Katia's Avatar
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    I sold an El head to chrishasi . She paid VERY fast and everything was perfect.
    Thank you very much for a great transaction xD
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    I've bought a wig from Chrishasi. The delivery was very fast and the wig arrived in excellent condition.

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    I sold chrishasi a BW CP body, and it went very smoothly--very good communication, fast payment, I even got to see the head prepared for that body. A wonderful and friendly buyer!

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    I sold chrishasi a Camine head, very good communication, fast payment
    great buyer!

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    I sold this member a Lahoo doll. Very good communication and paid promptly. Kept in good contact after sending to make sure the doll arrived safely. No problems selling to this member!
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    chrishasi bought some clothes from me. She was a wonderful buyer - prompt payment, excellent communication, and was just lovely to do business with! Thanks! ^^

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    Chrishasi purchased a Luts Delf Chiwoo body from me. She paid immediately and kept up great communication throughout, even sending me a pic of her boy upon the arrival of his body. I would love to do business with her again! Thank you very much and enjoy your Chiwoo!


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    Mad Scientist In Training serifem's Avatar
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    Wonderful to do business with--this is my second experience selling to her, and she's just awesome, frankly. Hope the El head arrives to her soonsoon, though!

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    chrishasi bought a Luts body from me, paid quickly and was a delight to talk to. Thanks so much for an awesome transaction <3

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    Chris bought a CP Moon head from me, and the transaction was perfect She paid really quickly, the communication was friendly and she informed me immediately when she received the head.
    100 % positive!
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    I sold a doll head to chrishasi, she paid quickly and communication was great. Thanks!

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    chrishasi bought a Leeke head from me. Very good buyer, excellent communication and paid promptly. Thank you so much!

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    Totally Zoë-ed <3 Sabriell's Avatar
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    Sold my AiL Bertram head to her, she is a wonderful buyer.
    My sales are always open for you <3

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    Great buyer! Chrishasi bought a Dollstown Hue head from me and had great communication, very patient, very prompt payment. Thanks for a great transaction!

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    四季ときみの色やがてきえろう。 ShallowSleep's Avatar
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    chrishasi purchased a B&G type 2 boy body from me, and everything went great!
    Wonderful communication, quick payment, no drama at all. Just perfect~~~

    Thank you again!

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    Chrishasi bought a Volks SD girl body from me, and she has been nothing but a pleasure to deal with. Communication was fast and clear, payment was fast and she was simply wonderful to deal with.
    In short an ideal buyer!
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