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Thread: Feedback for Alicechan

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    Feedback for Alicechan

    Alicechan bought Woosoo head from me, and communication was great!
    Thanks for fast payment and messages. She's so kind and understandable, reliable buyer.
    Thank you so much!
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    I bought a gorgeous Nanuri head from Alicechan, and it was a great transaction! Shipping was lightning fast and communication was great! The head is beautiful and obviously well cared for, thanks so much! I'd gladly do business again <3.

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    Alicechan bought my modded SA Hound, and was a wonderful person to deal with, pleasant, good communication, a perfect transaction!

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    I sold a luts boy body to Alicechan and everything went smoothly. I sold her the body on layaway and she had on time payments and didn't back out...that's always a plus.
    I would recommend her to anyone as it was a great transaction.
    Enjoy your boy! and Thanks again.
    I'm still here!
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    Alice Chan commissioned me for mods and a face-up, she was wonderful to work with


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    I purchased a beautiful Lati Yern from Alicechan and she was absolutely great!! Communication was awesome and shipping was fast! Everything that came with her was in great condition and the Lati Yern was in great condition.
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    I purchased an SS Yder head from Alicechan, and I couldn't be happier! Communication was excellent, she allowed me to pay her in two installments and when I had a ridiculous shipping request she did everything she could to get him to me on a day I would actually be home to receive him! Thank you so much!

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    Alicechan bought Supia Roda doll from me
    It was great communication, fast payment and she's lovely person ^_^
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    Alicechan adopted my Lati Yellow Coco. Communication was great and she was an all around wonderful person to deal with. I would gladly reccomend her to anyone!

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    Alicechan bought some jeans from us. Quick payment and so nice to deal with. Thanks so much!!
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    I bought a NS Chiwoo from Alicechan and she had great communication and was quick to ship him! What a nice person! Thanks!
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    AliceChan bought an Akando from me, paid when she promised to pay and let me know when he arrived. I couldn't ask for a nicer owner for him, thanks very much!

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    Alicechan participated in my crobidoll GO. Quick with payment and very friendly to work with!

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    I purchased a custom Puki Aang from Alicechan. Communication was great and shipping was prompt.
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    Alicechan participated in my Iplehouse group order. Another great transaction! Great person to deal with!

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    Alicechan bought a Supia Rosy from me. All I can say is that is was a perfect transaction, quick communication and super fast payment. Alicechan is very easy and friendly to do business with and I would'nt hesistate to recommend her to anyone else!

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    Painted a Supia Rosy for Alicechan and everything went great. Communication was easy and quick. She was clear about what she wanted, but gave me the freedom to do what I felt was suitable for the look that she desired here and there too. Doll head was packed extremely well and arrived without a hitch. She also paid immediately. Wonderful doing business with her.

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    Alicechan commissioned me for a face-up for her modded SA Hound.
    The transaction went perfectly, she was friendly and also paid promptly.
    All in all, she was a pleasure to deal with!
    Thank you!^^-

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    I purchased a doll from Alicechan and it was a very quick and smooth transaction. Would not hesitate to purchase from her again!
    Leaving hobby... lots of dolls for sale.
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    I bought a freshskin Dollshe Rosen head from alicechan communication was friendly and fast. Head was packaged well and shipped super fast!

    Thanks for an amazingly smooth and fast transation I would def do buisness with you again <3
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