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Thread: Feedback for allmyvisions

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    Feedback for allmyvisions

    Well, I guess I need a feedback thread, neh?

    Here it is. ;D

    Post here if I've bought something from you.

    I'll eventually sell things. :X

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    Allmyvisions bought a chair from me. Great transcation, good communication and fast payment. Thank you so much!

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    Allmyvisions purchased a couple of hemostats from me. Payment was very fast and it was a pleasure to do business with Allmyvisions.

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    Allmyvisions commissioned me to modify her DOC. It was great communicating with her, and payment was very quick. I enjoyed working on her boy. She is a great person to work with.


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    Allmyvisions bought a pair of boots from me! Paid quickly and was very nice to deal with

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    allmyvisions bought a custom wig from me, she was very patient and polite, very prompt. and a nice person to deal with. would happily do buisness in the future.
    (omfg i am soooooooooo sorry for the late feedback!!!!!!!)
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    I was in a Dollga group order that allmyvisions hosted, the whole thing was very smooth and fast, I would definitely participate in another group order with allmyvisions!
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    Allmyvisions hosted a Dollga group order that went wonderful, constant updates, quick replies. Would work with again.

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    I was part of a group order through Dollga that Allmyvisions hosted. It was a very smooth one, with lots of communication. Rem kept us updated and was a great host. All around, a great transaction! Thank you so much!

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    I was in a group order run by allmyvideions and it went very smoothly. Thanks!!!


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    Allmyvisions participated in my For My Doll group order and was a blast to deal with! She was fun to chat with back and forth with while the order filled, great with communication, super friendly and on time with payments. I definitely wouldn't hesitate to deal with her again.

    Thank you so much for being such a wonderful participant!!

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    I bought an event doll head from Allmyvisions' sales thread.
    She was very prompt with her communications, as well as the packing and shipping of the item.
    Overall a smooth transaction, and a pleasure to do business with.
    Thank you again. <3

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    allmyvisions was a wonderful participant in the Leekeworld GO I hosted. Thanks so much!
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    allmyvisions commission me to do full aesthetics on her twin DoD Kirill's. It was a smooth and wonderful transaction. She sent payment right away, kept constant communication and was very thoughtful and patient. Thank you so much for commissioning me!

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    Allmyvisions bought some MSC from me and it was a perfect transaction! Thank you so much


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    Bought a wig from allmyvisions, very kind and shipped very fast! thank you !!
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    I bought a pair of white eyelashes from allmyvisions.Communication was excellent!!! She even mailed them out in 45" of snow.Now that is an awesome seller!!!
    Wonderful transaction from beginning to end.Thank you.

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    I bought some eyelashes from allmyvisions. Communication was great and the eyelashes arrived very quickly, safely packaged and in very good condition!
    Thank you!
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    I bought Dollzone MSD Megi2 Outfit from allmyvisions.
    It was perfect transaction! I recieved clothes fast and everything was really new and never used.
    It was pleasure to deal with you!
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    I participated in a GO that allmyvisions created. She did a very wonderful job and was amazing to work with, keeping us informed the whole time.

    Would work with you again!
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