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Thread: Lee Jun Ki BJD

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    Lee Jun Ki BJD

    If this has already been posted or is like, NOT a BJD I'm sorry ;3; <3

    From here:
    souldoll公司通过Junki的授权与允许终于要与12月20日在日本网站出售Lee Jun Ki doll了

    from souldoll留言板

    The doll was be made by the final license agreement reached as a result of the negotiations among SOULDOLL and Mento Entertainment.

    The sale start will begin December 20 and will be saled on the Japan site first.
    Japan formal site :

    And, we don't decide yet about the sale for international customers.
    We will notice through notice board , once we have decided the sale.

    12月20日只在日本发售,国际网站还没得卖,郁闷+捶胸不知道会要多少板板,好想好想要一个阿! !!!!

    我从souldoll 官网上下载的部分图 更详细的 可以直接去这里下载 光看doll 我也能流口水 OTZ
    You can see a gallery of his many looks here
    From what I can gather he comes in two "types" A and B.
    Casual and Official mode. 126,000 yen
    He's 63.5cm tall. he's spoken about on Souldoll's site too.

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