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Thread: Feedback for manaswam

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    Feedback for manaswam

    I sold an L-bi body to Manaswam and it was a great transaction! ^^ She paid quickly, was in good contact and let me know when she received it! A very smooth transaction, thanks!


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    Wonderful transaction with Manaswam as buyer of my U-Noss. Polite, fast PM's, quick payment. A very considerate buyer!

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    Wonderful transaction with manaswam, she bought a limited outfit from me and was fantastic to deal with!

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    Manaswam participated in a DIM Minimee group order I ran. She was great! Paid on time and let me know when she received the head. Thank you so much, Manaswam!
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    Manaswam recently won an Esthy Peroth head from me. She was a delight to work with, absolutely polite, responded in a timely manner, and payments were received quickly. I would definetly be willing to have future transactions with her.
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    Did two high-ticket trade/commission transactions with Manaswam over several months. Amazingly wonderful to work with, excellent communication, very trustworthy. Wouldn't hesitate to do business with again.

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    Manaswam bought two outfits from me and she was wonderful!! Her exchanges are very friendly and consistent, payment is super fast, and it was an overall very smooth transaction. I can't recommend this wonderful person highly enough, and definitely look forward to doing business with her again!!

    Thank you so much again--it's been a pleasure!!

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    I sold several items to manaswam and everything went smoothly. Thanks so much!

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    Sold a doll head to manaswam and the transaction went smoothly! Good communication and fast payment!

    Would be glad to deal with her again!


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    I sold a doll to manaswam and I cannot think of a better candidate to transfer this doll to! She will give him a lovely home I just know it. Thank you so much

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    Manaswam just bought a Dollheart Fer from me. The entire experience was very pleasant. I would definitely recommend her as a buyer. Thanks!
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    I've made a lot of make-ups commissions for Manaswam.
    And I've also sold her many bjds. She is the most sweet buyer ! She's always true to her word, and in transaction, she pays quickly, is easy to talk to, always polite and nice.
    With the years, she became a really overseas friend. And I'm really proud of this !
    Thanks so much my dear !

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    Manaswam bought two outfits and lingerie from my shop and as usual I can't ask for the transaction to go smoother!! She's a perfect customer in every way, and I definitely look forward to dealing with her again in the future~

    Thank you so much again for everything, and I hope that the parcel will arrive to you soon!

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    Manaswam bought my tan hound recently. She was quick to respond, paid right away, and had an all around great transaction. I would definitely recommend her as a buyer!

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    manaswam bought Volks Miruku from me. Payment was made in full quickly. Definitely a A+ Buyer! Thumbs Upz! ^_____^v

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    I sold Suiseiseki fullset to manaswam. She paid promptly and the communication was really good. She was very patient during the delivery process and kindly let me know when Suiseiseki arrived. Thank you so much ^ ^

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    I'm here to leave another positive feedback for manaswam~ She bought 2 outfits from my shop and as always, her communication is excellent and payment is super fast. The transaction couldn't have gone smoother on my part and I give her the highest recommendation!

    Thank you so very much again and I hope that the outfits will arrive to you soon!

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    Sold another SD doll to manaswam. She paid promptly as she usually do and kindly let me know when she pick up the doll. Wonderful buyer. I won't hesitate to deal with her again~! Thank you so much ~!

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    Excellent buyer. She purchased zouks eyes from me. She paid inmediately and kept wonderful communication. Recommended!!

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    Manaswam bought Doll Eyes from me. She paid quickly and told me when package arrived. Always a pleasure to do business with.

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