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Thread: Feedback for Elendae_Nersil

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    I had a wonderful transaction with Elendae_Nersil. I purchased her Magical Michael head and actually did a partial trade for it n.n She shipped out quickly and even included eyes I've always wanted as a gift! I would happily do business with her again

    Thank you SO much!
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    I was part of elendae_nersil's holiday Luts GO. She dealt with all my pesterings with grace and style (I really wanted the event head). She was totally fair all around, prompt with emails, well organized with invoices and kept us updated. Thank you so much for running the Go!

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    I was also a part of the Luts GO. Everything went very well. She was very professional, and got my items to me, even with some problems finding a large enough box. Would work with again. Thanks!

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    Elendae_Nersil commissioned me for faceup work, and everything went perfectly. She was very nice to deal with, I would be happy to work with her again anytime.

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    I bought an outfit from Elendae_Nersil and she was prompt at getting back to my messages and sending out the item even though she was very busy. The clothes came quick, safe, and looked as described. I would deal with her again!
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    I bought a 8-9inch brown medium straight fiber from Elendae_Nersil. They where great at communication and shipped the package out me right ways. Good seller.

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    I bought an medium brown wig from Elendae_Nersil. The communication was excellent, and it was shipped out very quickly. The item was in great condition and soft too. I definitely recommend buying from them!

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    I participated in a Leekeworld group hosted by Elendae_Nersil and they did a stellar job!! Communication was wonderful and received my item super quickly. Thanks Elendae_Nersil
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    I participated in a Leeke GO run by Elendae_Nersil. Very positive experience. Quick, kept us updated, and packaged well. Thank you!
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    Participated in a GO run by Elendae Nersil. Everything went ultra smoothly and things were received pretty darn quickly! Updates were frequent which was great. Thank you!

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    I was part of a GO run by Elendae Nersil. Everything arrived perfectly and smoothly, and she was wonderful to conduct business with. Thank you for an A+ transaction!
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    I just finished a fantastic trade with Elendae_Nersil. My Dream of Doll Sha + $ for her Volks SD10 Megu. Communication was fast and friendly and she was very reasonable to work with. She patiently waited for me to think it over and was willing to work things out so I could afford to bring her home all at once. Shipped on time and packed very well. I am very very happy. Thanks so much!! I wouldn't hesitate to trade with her again.
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    I bought a LUTS Delf girl body from Elendae Nersil, in a long layaway, and the transaction was excellent. She was very kind and comunicative, and the item arrived in great condition and well packed. I totally recommend her as seller. Thank you so much!
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    Elendae_Nersil was a great buyer! Very easy going, great communication, paid promptly and was also very understanding. A+ buyer, thank you!
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    I bought a Luts Winter 2010 head from Elendae_Nersil and I couldn't be more pleased with the transaction! The head was packaged wonderfully, safely tucked away in layers and layers of tissue paper and bubble wrap. Communication was lovely, and I definitely reccommend her!
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    I purchased a Volks F29 head from Elendae_Nersil and it was a great transaction! Fast shipping and head was very well wrapped inside the package. Totally recommend her. Thanks for everything!
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    I did a partial trade with Elendae_Nersil and everything went perfectly! Thanks so much

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    I bought a wig off Elendae_Nersil, and it was a great transaction Informed me when it was shipped and it was securely and safely packaged.

    Thank you so much!

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    I did a trade with Elendae_Nersil for my Fairyland Feeple 65 Lorence head for their Luts Lu Wen head. Communication was perfect and head was packed extremely well. Thank you so much for doing the trade! ^_^

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    I traded my Two.S.Doll SWD Mayi head for her partial Dollheart Fer and a white wig. The transaction was perfect and I would not hesitate to trade with her again. Well packed, prompt messages just a wonderful transaction over all.

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