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Thread: Feedback for Lady_Resin

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    Feedback for Lady_Resin

    I didn't see a thread yet so I figured I'd start one for her.

    Lady_Resin just bought from me and it was an excellent and smooth transaction! Very prompt payment and friendly prompt communication!!

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    Lady_Resin bought a pair of pants from me. She paid VERY quickly, and communication was great. ^_^ She also PMed me to let me know they arrived safely!

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    I recently bought an SD black trenchcoat from Lady_Resin. She was very nice and good with communication. The coat shipped quickly and arrived in perfect condition.
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    Feedback for Lady Resin

    Lady Resin purchased some parts from me in September. Payment was speedy, and she was a pleasure to deal with!
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    LadyResin purchased a black faux fur wig from me. She paid quickly and was great to deal with.

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    Lady_Resin purchased a dress from me and couldn't have been better. Great communication, super-fast payment. Definitely recommended!

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    Sold a bunch of items to Lady_Resin. Payment was prompt and communication was flawless. Would def do business with her again!
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    I sold some t-shirts to Lady Resin. She was great to work with! Very friendly and fast with all her pms and she sent payment very quickly too. She let me know the moment the shirts arrived. I'd be happy to sell to her again. Thanks for a great transaction!
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    I sold some SD t-shirts to Lady_Resin, and it was a great transaction with prompt payment and friendly communication Thanks for everything!

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    Sold some SD13 clothing to Lady_Resin. She was very friendly and the transaction went super smooth Thanks so much for buying from me~

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    Lady resin bought a pair of pants from me. It was an easy & problem free transaction. All good! Thanks!

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    Lady_Resin bought some clothes from me. Payment was prompt and she let me know when the clothes arrived.
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    I sold a shirt to Lady_Resin recently, and it was a really lovely transaction. She paid quickly and let me know when the package arrived. Thanks!

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    I sold a pair of SD pants to Lady_Resin and she was prompt with payment and great with communication. I would sell to her again!

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    Lady_Resin purchased a pair of SD Pants from me, and everything was fantastic! I wouldn't hesitate to sell to her again :3
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    Sold clothes to Lady_Resin, communication was prompt and friendly and payment was quick. I would definitely do business with her again!! Thank you so much!

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    Great transaction, would deal with her again! Quick to respond and promptly paid. Thanks so much
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    I purchased a Luts neck donut piece from Lady_Resin and the transaction went really well. She packaged everything neatly and shipped quickly. I wouldn't hesitate to do business with her again or recommend her. Thanks!

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    Lady_Resin purchased an SD shirt from me, and everything went great! Great communication, fast payment. Highly recommended!! Thanks again!

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    I sold a vest to Lady_Resin and had a perfect transaction. Payment was fast, she responded to all my PMs and alerted me when her item arrived! A+, would gladly do business with her again.

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