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Thread: Feedback for Lady White Raven

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    Feedback for Lady White Raven

    Yep you guessed it.
    If I have sold you something, or bought something it would be really appreciated if I could get some feedback so that other people might possibly be able to look at it when deciding if they should buy from/sell me something.
    Thank you all so much.
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    Lea addiction <3 aya22's Avatar
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    Poland, Europe
    Quick payment, great communication- A great buyer!!! really great person!!! Thanks again!!!

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    sing to bring heaven down tenshi_no_korin's Avatar
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    Temple of Valnon
    Very fast payment, great communication and very friendly! A wonderful buyer to work with! Thanks so much!

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    Lady White Raven is absolutely lovely... really fast payment, lovely to speak to and very friendly. ^____^
    See my jewellery at Wavycat!

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    Just completed an awesome, smooth as glass transaction with Lady White Raven. She paid very quickly and was wonderful every step of the way. I highly recommend this member as a customer or a seller!

    If you've had a good transaction with me, feedback can be posted here:

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    I sold an MSD wig to Lady White Raven! she was just a dream to work with. ~ <3 quick payment and excellent communication.
    selling BTSSB red riding hood set indviduals --
    selling volks suiseiseki with custom ladious faceup and swarriko body

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    I bought a "delf dark soo elf" from Lady White Raven, and I'm very happy with purchase!
    It was a smooth transaction! Good communication, fast delivery and excellent packaging!
    Lady White Raven is great a seller, she's nice and honest!
    so don't hesitated to deal with her! ^^
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    The Eye Lady ginarolo's Avatar
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    I sold eyes to Lady White Raven. She is very nice to deal with. Quick payment and good communications...even letting me know when package arrived.
    Many Thanks!
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    Lady White Raven has been one of my best, most appreciative customers. Over several transactions there has never been a moment that wasn't a joy. She's just terrific in all aspects and I hope to work with her again!

    If you've had a good transaction with me, feedback can be posted here:

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    Lady White Raven was wonderful to deal with. Great communication, paid quickly, kept in touch, let me know when the doll arrived, and was just such a nice person to chat with! I highly recommend LWR in any transaction.

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    In Wonderland... Esthy's Avatar
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    Near Geneva - FRANCE
    Lady White Raven bought me a MNF Shushu elf head. She is a wonderful buyer. She paid quicky. Very good communication, she told me when Shushu arrived and she is a very nice person to discuss with.

    Highly recommanded buyer !

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    lovely to deal with , she bought wigs from me
    SleepingElf wigs and BJD dolls
    my New web site ...
    Etsy shop. Witley Wood Elves and outfits for all tiny BJDs
    And check out my wig thread in the marketplace

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    Slave to the MNF! Being Paged! Brightstar1008's Avatar
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    Just a pleasure to do business with. Great communication and very promt payment. I would love to do business with her again.

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    After several transactions with Lady White Raven, I can't say enough good things about her. She's absolutely consistent in every way, thoughtful, prompt and appreciative. A complete joy to deal with.

    Thank you!!!

    If you've had a good transaction with me, feedback can be posted here:

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    I bought a little Banji boy from her and she is such a nice and friendly person!She shipped the doll immediately and gave little gifts into the package!I love my new little boy and say many many thanks for this wonderful transaction.

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    As a sneaky RL friend I don't suppose my feedback counts for much, but as we've been friends for almost 10 years and have gone through quite a lot together in that time (including working together) I can say that she is one of the most wonderful people I know. She's very dependable, always cheery and just a really compassionate person. I've even trusted her with my kiddo and I wouldn't hesitate to do so again. <3<3<3

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    positive feedback

    Is a very good buyer, fast payment and great comunication.
    Thanks for all^^

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    Is a very very nice buyer, kind and active~~

    Thanks a million~~ -3-

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    Prompt payment and a sweet buyer. Thanks again! ^_^

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    I sold a shoes! very nice buyer! all perfect!

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