Den of Angels FAQ

Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

How do I search the forum?

Global Search

The forum search is at the top of the forum, on the right side dark blue navigation bar. To search the whole forum, enter your search term in the box and press Enter or click the small magnifying glass.

You'll get the first 300 search results, ordered by the date of the most recent response, with newer threads at the top.

Subforum Search

To search within a subforum, click "Search Forum" from that subforum's page. This link is on the left side of the pale blue navigation bar above the list of subforum threads.

This will make a dropdown box where you can enter search terms.

You have two options:

  • Show Threads: Lists threads with your search term.
  • Show Posts: Lists individual posts with your search term.

You can also search specific subforums by using Advanced Search.

Searching Within a Thread

Click the "Search Thread" option located on the right side of the pale blue navigation bar located above the first post.

Enter your search term in the box and either press Enter or click the magnifying glass.

Use the advanced search to find a specific member's posts by clicking "Advanced Search." This will take you to the normal Advanced Search page, but your search will remain focused within the thread if you only use these options:

[picture coming soon]

The Advanced Search

The Advanced Search is not so scary once you realize that there are two types of advanced search.

Click the "Advanced Search" link under the search box on the right side of the dark blue navigation bar at the top of the forum.

The Advanced Search screen has two tabs – Search Single Content Type and Search Multiple Content Type. The tab you're currently using will be dark blue.

We recommend the Single Content search because it is much more useful.

Search Multiple Content Types

Multiple Content Search allows you to search forms, posts and wiki articles. You may choose which type you would like to search by ticking the appropriate boxes.

You can choose keywords. You can choose to search the content of the posts ("Search Entire Posts") or just the thread titles ("Search Titles Only").

Type in a username to find posts by a specific member. If you aren't sure of the spelling, pause while typing and the forum will list member names that fit what you have written so far.

Tag searches are also possible in this section.

If you are searching posts, you can choose to have the forum display excerpts.

To view additional options, click the small arrow graphic at the bottom next to "Additional Options."

These options will let you limit by date and sort your results by date, username, or relevance. The default option is by date with the threads with the most recent reply listed first.

Search Single Content

This section only allows you to search on one type of content – wiki article, post, or forum. In most cases, you will want to search Posts.

Like in the multiple content type, you can choose keywords, whether you are searching post content or thread titles, who posted, or tags.

Again, it is helpful to tick "Show post excerpt."

The additional options are very helpful! View them by clicking the small arrow graphic at the bottom next to "Additional Options."

Under Search in Forums, you can limit your search to specific subforums by clicking the subforum name. To search multiple specific subforums, hold down the Ctrl button and click the different subforum titles.

Underneath that box, there is a checkbox labelled "Also search in child forums." This can be very important. For example, if you want to search in all Marketplace subforums, you would select "Marketplace" and then tick the box to search in the subforums. If you do not tick that box, you will not find any results because there are no threads located in the Marketplace subforum – it is not a true subforum, only a category for the subforums below it. By clicking to search in all child forums, you will search every section of the Marketplace.

You may only search areas you have access to – if you do not have Marketplace access, you will not be able to search the Marketplace Subforums.

You can also limit by thread prefix. Be sure to only use prefixes associated with the subforums that you are trying to search. (For example, you cannot search for a News prefix in the Gallery.) As with subforums, you can search multiple prefixes by holding down Ctrl and clicking the prefix names.

You can also find threads based on their size by using the Find Threads with: options.

You can find posts by date by using this option: [picture coming soon]

You can choose how the results will be sorted by using these options: [picture coming soon]

"Show Results as:" will let you choose whether you see the results as lists of threads that contain your search term or individual posts that contain your search term.

Sample Searches:

I remember reading a thread about traveling with dolls!

Gosh, I remember it being a really long thread... so using the Single Content Advanced Search, I might choose...

[picture coming soon]

I want to buy a Soom monthly!

Members are only allowed to buy and sell in the Marketplace, so I'll search there using the Single Content advanced search! I'm not sure if I want a big one or a small one...

[picture coming soon]

How do I edit my thread title or prefix?

There are two ways to edit your thread title.

1. From the subforum index...

  • Find your thread and click the blank space beside the title. This will make your thread title editable.
  • Edit your title, then either hit "Enter" or click somewhere else on the screen.

2. From within the thread....

  • Go to the first post of the thread and click edit.gif
  • Beneath the editable text of your post, click "Go Advanced"
  • On the advanced editing screen, you can edit the title.

You can also edit your thread prefix on the Advanced Editing screen.
(Note: Not all subforums use prefixes.)

How do I quote more than one comment (multi-quote)?

At the bottom of the comments you want to quote, find the "Reply with quote" button.

To the right is a graphic of a speech bubble with a + next to it. For each comment you want to quote, click the speech bubble.

When you get to the last comment you want to quote, click "Reply with quote." All the comments you selected will appear in the Quick Reply editor at the bottom of the page.

You can compose your reply here, or click "Go Advanced" to edit with more options.

How do I post pictures and links?

To post a picture, you must first upload it to either your own webspace or another image host. If you are looking for a free image host, we recommend:

After you have uploaded your image to the internet, copy the URL of the image.

In your post, click the icon that looks like a little picture insertimage.gif. This is located above the text box. Paste the URL into the little pop-up window, click "OK" and you're all set!

Alternately, you can just manually type the BB tags. The tag for placing images is [IMG][/IMG].

So if I wanted to post an image, the BB code would look like this:


If you would like to post a link, you can do it three ways.

  • Just type the URL. The forum will automatically turn it into a link to that URL when you submit the post.
  • Write the text you would like to link, highlight it, then click the small icon that looks like a globe and a little chain createlink.gif. This is located above the text box. Paste the URL into the pop-up window and click "OK."
  • Manually write the BB tags like this:
    [URL=""]Linked Text[/URL]

As a note, HTML code does not work on Den of Angels.

How do I edit my signature/profile/settings?

To edit your personal settings and other customizable features, click on Forum Actions > General Settings in the top navigation right under the blue bar, or User CP in the upper right login area.

On the left side of the screen, you will have a list of options that you may edit.

Edit signature:
This section will allow you to customize your signature using text and images. Any BB tags that can be used on the main areas of the forum can also be used in your signature (HTML will not work). Here is the exact code for a few commonly used elements, just substitute your own text and URLs.

  • Insert an image:
    [IMG]URL of your image[/IMG]

  • Insert a link:
    [url="the URL of the link"]Text to be linked[/url]

  • Bold Text:
    [b]Bold text[/b]

  • Italic Text:
    [i]Italic Text[/i]

  • Underlined Text:
    [u]Underlined Text[/u]
The forum does have signature guidelines. Please take a look at them before starting out. Also, if you'd like more information on those cool little doll icons, please check out this link!

Email and Password
This section is pretty self-explanatory.
Please note: If you change your email, you will need to verify it again by replying to the activation email that will be sent to the new address that you have given. This is to ensure that the forum has a valid email address on file for you. Until you have reactivated your account, you will not be able to access most areas of the forum.

Edit Profile
In this area, you will be able to complete your profile to share your interests and links to your personal website or LiveJournal. In addition, this area is where you should post your doll family and Wishlist (as opposed to your signature) and you can also link your Marketplace Feedback thread.

Edit Options
This is where you can opt to use Invisible Mode, decide whether you'd like to allow others to email you via the forum, and turn your PMs on and off.

Edit Avatar
You may upload an avatar that is up to 100x100 pixels and 19.5 KB. Animated avatars are not permitted.

Profile Picture
This area will allow you to upload a picture to your profile page.

How do I link my feedback thread from my profile?

To link your feedback thread to your profile, you must first make sure that a feedback thread has been made for you in the Feedback – Individual Feedback subforum. The thread may be started by you or another member who has had a transaction with you. The forum does not automatically create one for you. To link it from your profile:

  1. Copy the URL of your feedback thread.
  2. Click the User CP link in the upper right login area.
  3. Choose "Edit Profile" under from the My Settings menu on the left side of the screen.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the screen. In the box that says "Feedback," paste the URL of your thread. Do not put any other text or code in this box.
  5. Click "Save Changes."

How do I post a poll?

Polls can only be added at the time the thread is created.

To post a poll:
1. On the subforum screen, click newthread.gif to create a new thread.

2. Complete the title of the thread as normal and write an opening post to explain your poll, and possibly to invite other answers within the thread itself.

3. Beneath where it says "Submit Post", there is a section titled "Additional options." Check the box that says "Yes, post a poll with this thread." You can choose the number of options here, but you will also be able to edit it on the next screen.

4. On the next screen, you will put in your poll question and up to 10 choices.

On this screen, you can also choose to allow multiple choice, public results (members can see who votes for each option), and whether or not URLs will be linked.

When you have completed your poll, please click "Submit New Poll" or "Preview Poll."

Please keep in mind that once submitted, you will not be able to edit your poll in any way.... so check your spelling and make sure that your options make sense before posting!

Search FAQ

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Select an option here to specify how you would like your search query to be treated. 'Any words' will return the most numerous but possibly least relevant results, while 'Complete phrase' will return only results that contain exactly what you are searching for.