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What is considered buying/selling/trading outside of the Marketplace?

The following things are disallowed when they are done publicly anywhere outside the marketplace:
  • asking if anyone is selling a specific item.
  • mentioning that your item is for sale or trade.
  • answering a "Where can I buy...?" question with your own sale.
  • asking members to sell items that are not listed for sale.
  • asking members to contact you if they decide to sell an item.
  • cross-posting images in the gallery and your sales thread at the same time.
  • soliciting commissions (even for free) outside of the Commissionable Services marketplace.
  • asking members if you may commission them.
  • asking members if there would be any interest in: a group order, a split, a custom manufactured head.
What is NOT considered buying/selling/trading outside of the Marketplace?
  • Signature links to marketplace threads or offsite sales.
  • Discussion-relevant links to online shops that aren't associated with you.
  • Mentioning in a meetup thread that you will bring items for sale; do not list prices or brands.
  • Mentioning that you will have a booth at an event; do not list prices or details.
You may not leave personal feedback on Den of Angels for items bought, sold or traded at a meetup or event.

Where can I buy and sell dolls?

If you have met the access requirements, you can buy and sell dolls in our extensive marketplace subforums.

If you have not yet met these requirements, you may not solicit or engage in any transactions anywhere on the forum. Advertising or soliciting sales outside of the Marketplace will result in disciplinary action.

Why can't I view the marketplace?

DoA has Marketplace Access requirements that all members must meet before being able to use the Marketplace subforums. These requirements are in place to make buying and selling using DoA a bit safer. The Buying & Shipping Questions and Feedback Forums are accessible to all registered members.

Please keep in mind:

  • It's 25 24 hour periods from when you joined (not "days" starting at 12:00am and ending at 11:59pm). This means that if you joined at 9 pm, you can expect to get access around 9 pm 25 days later. You can see your join date by looking at your profile.

  • The switch is done automatically by the forum software. This usually is done once every hour. You won't suddenly have access the moment you reach 40 posts, it is dependent on when the script runs next.

What are marketplace status flags?

Occasionally, members are irresponsible or dishonest in their marketplace transactions. Moderators may place these members on "paging" status, marketplace restriction or issue a marketplace ban.

To promote awareness, these brightly-colored status flags are visible to all users. They are located under the member's avatar.

Members are put into the Being Paged! group if there is an unanswered "Paging" thread for them posted in the feedback subforum. The situation may not involve dishonesty, but we recommend checking the feedback forum before entering into transactions with these users. Paged members have full Marketplace access, but they cannot use Invisible Mode on the board.

A marigold Unresolved Transactions flag means that someone is in the midst of resolving negative transactions. A member who is labelled this way cannot use Invisible Mode or edit their personal settings. They are set to allow member emails and PMs from all members. They can access the marketplaces but cannot start new threads within the marketplace subforums.

Due to serious Marketplace problems, members with a Marketplace Ban do not have marketplace privileges. The only area of the marketplace they can view is the feedback forum. As they are unable to view the marketplaces; they are strictly forbidden to buy, sell, trade, or take commissions through DoA. The Moderators reserve the right to use these flags and revoke privileges at their discretion. Please do not PM us to ask that someone be labelled this way.

As always, if you are in a problematic transaction, please start a thread in the Feedback – Problem Transactions subforum.

I am having a bad Marketplace transaction – What can I do?

Most of our members are honest, nice people. However, occasionally we do have problems with scammers or members who are acting irresponsibly. For legal reasons, the moderators cannot become involved in Marketplace transactions.

However, you as a member can take several steps to take the situation into your own hands. The first thing to do is contact the buyer or seller with whom you are having a problem. If you cannot resolve the problem or the other member does not respond to your PMs within a reasonable amount of time, post a thread in the Problem Transactions subforum. Detail your situation, and invite the other person to dialogue with you publicly.

If it is an especially serious situation, post in Ask the Moderators with a link to your thread so that we can monitor the situation and determine if the other member should have any of their forum or Marketplace privileges removed.

Before you enter into a transaction, it is best to check the Feedback forum to find out the reputation of the person you're dealing with. Some other red flags to mind are if the member has a "Being Paged!" or "Marketplace Banned!" notice under their avatar.

Please keep in mind that once posted, feedback can not be edited. For this reason, it is important to think before posting! Take a deep breath and be as clear as possible, and try to make sure that you're not jumping the gun to call someone a bad buyer or seller. Please read the feedback rules for more information on leaving feedback.

Helpful links:

How do I post in the doll marketplace?

Using the Dolls Marketplace

There are a few differences between using the Dolls Marketplace and using other Marketplace sub-forums. If you cannot find an answer to your question below, please post your question in Ask the Moderators.

How many items can I sell in one thread?
You may sell one item in each thread.

How many threads can I make?
There is no limit.

Can I edit the thread by going back to the form?
No, the form can only be used when you create the thread.

How do I edit my thread?
You can edit the thread like normal once it has been created. To edit your thread, open your thread and click "Edit Post" at the bottom of the first post. If it is difficult to look at the BBCode, you can click to make the text look like the final version. If you would like to change your thread's title or prefix, click "Go Advanced" on the editing screen. When you are finished editing, click Save.

I don't like the format the form makes. Can I change it?
You can add more information and extra pictures. You cannot remove information.

If you remove information, your thread may be deleted.
If you see a thread that has important information removed, please report it by clicking the "Report" button at the bottom of the post. (This is a triangle with an ! in the middle.)

I don't have pictures of my item. Can I post a sale thread?
No, you must have at least one clear image of your item in its current condition. It must be a current picture of your item, not a company photo. If you are selling a full doll, you must include at least one full body shot of the complete nude doll.

I can't paste the URL to my feedback thread in the correct field and it won't allow me to submit the form without it. What can I do?
If this field is empty, you must add the link to your User Profile.

To link your feedback thread to your profile, you must first make sure that a feedback thread has been made for you in the Feedback – Individual Feedback subforum. The thread may be started by you or another member who has had a transaction with you. The forum does not automatically create one for you. To link it from your profile:

  1. Copy the URL of your feedback thread.
  2. Click the User CP link in the upper right login area.
  3. Choose "Edit your Details" from the menu on the left side of the screen.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the screen. In the box that says "Feedback," paste the URL of your thread. Do not put any other text or code in this box.
  5. Click "Save Changes."

How can I know if the price includes Paypal fees? Unless a seller has specified that they charge Paypal fees, buyers should assume that there are no fees as they are against Paypal's ToS. If you want to specifically state that you don't charge fees, please feel free to edit the thread once it has been created.

I use a different currency than USD. What can I do?
USD is the default currency used because the majority of sellers use this. You may edit the thread to use your country's currency, but you must make it you make it clear that the price is in a currency other than USD.

I'm not sure which year my doll was made, what should I write?
If you are not sure what year your doll was produced, you may leave this field blank and the form will still work. You can also write "unknown."

My doll has been sold or is on layaway. What should I do now?
Once you have found a buyer for your doll, either through an immediate sale, a hold or a layaway, it is time to move your thread out to the Graveyard! Please edit the prefix of your thread from FS to 'Finished' so that the Moderators can move it accordingly. To do this, please click "Edit Thread," then "Go Advanced." After you have changed your Prefix to "Finished - Please Graveyard", click "Save." DO NOT EDIT THE TITLE OF YOUR THREAD. Please ONLY change the PREFIX to "Finished - Please Graveyard".

Do not edit or remove any of the thread's contents or edit the title of the thread. Dolls Marketplace threads are kept for approximately six months for reference.

What does a Dealer Caution flag mean?

If the "Dealer Caution" flag appears under a member's username, it means that they are a company rep or dealer who has a resolution thread in the Company Reviews subforum. Creation of these resolution threads is generally reserved for serious situations where a group of customers are unable to receive the products or services for which they have paid. We recommend reviewing the link in the member's dropdown before placing an order with that dealer. Den of Angels is not responsible for any transactions that happen on or off of DoA.

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