• Den of Angels Is Celebrating its 9th Anniversary!!

    Hello, Citizens of DoA!

    Phew, with our silence this year you may have thought that we forgot all about our own birthday! The truth is that we've been working really hard to organize things behind the scenes for you, so that you can party with us on our 9th anniversary! It was definitely a close call; these celebrations might not have gone the way we wished, and there was a bleak time when they might not have happened at all!

    We understand there can be a lot of frustrations around town ~ We've had a lot of really big changes recently!

    New changes to our staff team with a whole bunch of new faces , new structures being implemented, new forum bugs to deal with (here's lookin at you, search tool) are a few of the major changes to mention...Not only this, but there will also be more changes coming in the near future as well. We're constantly trying to make these forums a better place, so please bear with us during the house renovations XD! The 9th year of DoA has been messy and fun

    We wanted to thank everyone for their patience in going through these changes with us. We know it's not easy, but your continued support is what keeps us going. We don't mind criticism, but we definitely need encouragement from time to time. The ABJD world has been rapidly expanding and we are doing our best to adapt to the ever changing needs that come to our doorstep.

    In light of all the aforementioned madness, this year's theme is....


    We wanted to turn all this craziness on its head and see how you guys handle it So pump up your resin team and join us in the Anniversary Subforum. There's fun to be had! (And y'know, really awesome prizes too, courtesy of the generous participating companies this year)

    Let the games begin!
    Your Friendly Neighbourhood ModSquad
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