• Recasts, Bootlegs, and DoA

    We have already explained why DoA neither supports or allows recast dolls and/or bootlegging those dolls on this board. We find the need for a second such announcement a sad, demoralising commentary on the current ethics and willingness of some individuals to engage in these illegal activities.

    In addition to being illegal, recasting and bootlegging devalue the nature of our hobby, undermine the work of artists without whom this hobby would not exist and create attitudes of mistrust that affect all of us.

    In case you're not sure what recasts are and what bootlegging means:
    Recast: to form, fashion, or arrange again. It can also refer to the product of recasting. Recast dolls are made using moulds taken from existing dolls. Individuals or companies who recast dolls do so without permission from the artists and sell the dolls for a fraction of the original's cost. The original artist is never paid for his or her work.

    Bootleg: to make, transport, or sell something illegally. Bootlegging can be synonymous with recasting; it also refers to the trafficking of recast items

    DoA has a zero-tolerance policy if we discover you are engaged in these activities on DoA. What do we mean by "zero-tolerance"? We mean that as soon as we have evidence confirming your illegal activity, we will permanently ban you from DoA. You will never be given an opportunity to reinstate your DoA membership at any future date.

    We would like to remind everyone of the recasting/bootlegging activities that can get you permanently banned:
    • posting images of your illegal doll on DoA
    • listing your illegal doll or dolls in your DoA profile or signature
    • attempting to buy, sell or trade your illegal doll in the Marketplace
    • attempting to solicit sales of your illegal doll on DoA
    • acting as a sales representative on DoA for a business selling illegal dolls
    • sending unsolicited communications (spam) to one or more members through DoA's private messaging (PM) system

    DoA will never take this matter lightly. Recasts and bootlegs are illegal. Recasting and bootlegging are illegal. If we find you have engaged in any of the actions listed above, you will receive a permanent, full-forum ban.

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    1. DoA Mod Squad's Avatar
      DoA Mod Squad -
      Warning on Soom BJD Reproductions/Recasts

      Hello SOOM lovers, we always thank you very much for your interest in and loving our BJDs.

      There are tons of SOOM BJD reproductions / recasts manufactured and distributed by illegal market channels and recently, a number of these illegal activities are getting higher than ever. This is indeed black marketing that jeopardizes the whole BJD industry including SOOM.

      - Please do not use online stores selling the illegal reproductions / recasts

      - The illegal online stores close their sites once you make payments or deliver dolls other than what you expect, not original SOOM BJD(s)

      - Please cancel your order(s) / request refund immediately once you have ordered

      - Please check our regular prices. If prices are much cheaper than our regular ones, it is suspicious and can be fraud

      - Original SOOM BJDs are available only at our online store www.dollsoom.com and Vodaless Japan

      - We do not guarantee the warranty and do not provide customer care service for SOOM BJD(s) from other online stores

      How to authorize your SOOM BJD

      1. Go to our web site and click on

      2. Your BJD will be authorized if all the information is correspondent with Purchaser, Date of Purchase, and your BJD

      3. Must check the serial number and warranty first when you purchase used SOOM BJD

      Please refer to the 'Notice'

      Thank you!