• Account sharing: Clarifying the rules and debunking the misconceptions

    Rule reminder!

    Each member gets ONE account ONLY. Members may not have multiple or shared accounts because DoA's community and Marketplace safety is built heavily on reputation and member feedback. There are no exceptions, and users who are found to have multiple usernames or a shared account may be banned.

    The moderators would like to remind members that account-sharing is strictly against the rules of the forum.

    There have recently been misconceptions going around about the rules and we would like to take this opportunity to clarify what members should do if more than one person per household would like to join Den of Angels, or if existing members move in with other DoA members.

    • If there is someone who lives with you or uses the same computer as you regularly who would like to join Den of Angels, please contact a moderator by PM or through the Ask the Moderators subforum and let us know the username they're going to use so we know who to look for when we go through the new members' registration queue.
    • Likewise, if you are moving in with another Den of Angels member and will now share an IP address, we would be very grateful if you would let us know.

    Making the moderators aware of these overlaps has the benefit of getting accounts approved much quicker and avoids an investigation later on when an overlap is discovered during a routine check. The moderators keep a record when members tell us that they are sharing a house or computer with other members, so if there is any confusion it is very simple to resolve.

    Please help us to stay informed and help you to avoid a suspension or ban for account-sharing.
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