• New Criteria for Dolls "On-Topic" for DoA!

    The Den of Angels staff are happy to announce, after many months of work and discussion, the roll out of the new Den of Angels Criteria for Topicality. We would especially like to thank the Auxiliary Drudgeons for their assistance and input in determining the final form of the new criteria.

    The off-topic list in the Den of Angels Wiki is still being reviewed, and has not yet been updated. Members may post in the Ask the Moderators subforum with a link to locked threads for previously off-topic dolls that they believe will be on-topic according to the new criteria to request that those threads be unlocked. However, please do note that not all previously off-topic dolls will be automatically on-topic, as they must still meet the requirements of the new criteria. We also request and appreciate everyone's continued patience during this transition, as we are anticipating a high number of requests for clarification and assistance with the roll out of the new criteria.