• On-topic Dolls and the Auxiliary Drudgeon Project

    As you may know, whether a doll is considered on or off topic is soley at the discretion of the moderators. Over the years, the moderation team has changed as we have added new moderators and others have retired. These changes, along with a huge growth in the hobby itself, have meant that not all dolls have necessarily been reviewed the same way.

    We are testing out having a focus group of members who will take part in decisions about whether dolls are on topic. This group brings our voting pool from 8-12 to over 150. Our hope is that this will serve two purposes: 1) to have a larger, more stable voting base and 2) to better represent the community.

    Our focus group (lovingly dubbed "The Auxiliary Drudgeons" because they get to participate in some of the forum drudgery the staff has enjoyed for years) will also assist us by testing and giving feedback on new features and forum changes. They will not otherwise be involved in forum administration, maintenance, rule-making, enforcement, etc.

    Auxiliary Drudgeons are established members who participate actively on the forum, chosen to represent a cross-section of the community. Members are press-ganged into service rather than volunteered, so please don't request to join the focus group. Please also note that while we have high hopes, this project could be discontinued at any time at the moderators' discretion.

    Going forward, we will be more carefully evaluating new dolls for inclusion on the forum.

    • The submission process will continue to be used for custom-manufactured and artist-made dolls.
    • All new doll lines appearing on the forum will be evaluated regardless of company.
    • New additions to existing lines may be evaluated at the moderators' discretion.
    • New additions to grandfathered lines may be evaluated at the moderators' discretion.

    The types of submissions are routinely discussed for on-topicness by the moderators, and will now routinely be discussed by the Auxiliary Drudgeons as well, according to the established criteria for on-topic dolls.

    If dolls are found to be off-topic, we stress that this decision is made based on the on-topic criteria and is not a criticism of the sculptor, company or doll itself. Den of Angels is an Asian Ball-Jointed Doll forum and that remains our tight focus.

    If you have questions about these or any other aspect of Den of Angels, please start a thread in Ask the Moderators