• August 23: Weird, weeeeeeird LEs!

    There are a lot of beautiful and detailed LE dolls out there! Every month, there seem to be a bunch of new ones, all with special wigs, special outfits, special shoes, special eyes! And they’re fairies, pirates, werewolves, circus performers!

    Don’t you feel that eventually these will have to be the craziest, most out-there dolls you can buy? Don’t you think you should design one ahead of time and be a prophet of the future?

    Your mission: Design the most over-the-top limited edition doll you can think of. Ghost pirate with glowing urethane-meets-LED eyes and jointed tentacles, roller-derby fairy with jointed wings and working, motorized roller skates-- make it original, make it wild!

    Post your idea into the thread as though you were pitching it to a doll company. They want weird! Weird sells! Feel free to include sketches and inspirational pictures and links (please remember not to hotlink images, though!).

    Go for it! Weird, over- the- top LE’s are the future!