• New Homepage, Updates to Marketplace Rules

    New Den of Angels homepage BETA

    We are beta-testing a new Den of Angels homepage:

    In addition to announcements and other features on the main page, there are new sections:

    Forum rules will now be located here. Please bear with us as we update our links throughout the site.

    A guide to finding help on Den of Angels.

    If you use the Friends forum feature, your friends' posts will appear here.

    This new section features some useful tutorials from the workshop. It is not comprehensive and we're still adding tutorials. We're hoping this will make tutorials easier to find. (Remember it's in beta, so formatting may not be perfect.)

    Graveyarding threads

    You'll soon be able to graveyard your own threads in the dolls marketplace subforums. There will be a Graveyard Thread link on the upper left. When your doll or doll item is sold, on hold or on layaway, simply click the link and it will be moved automatically to the dolls marketplace graveyard. Do not edit your thread title or content in any way before graveyarding it.

    If you need a thread brought back from the graveyard, post in Ask the Moderators or report the thread with a note saying you'd like it brought back.

    The Eyes and Wigs subforums are out of beta testing.

    The old Eyes/Wigs subforum is now closed.

    Responding to marketplace threads has been disabled

    With the exception of hosted orders, you are no longer able to post responses to other members' threads in the marketplace.
    • You will still be able to post in your own threads.
    • Sellers are responsible for ensuring their inbox is not full. PM box upgrades are available.
    • If you have a question or want to buy something, PM the seller.
    • If you want to post an image of an item you commissioned, use the Commissionable Artists gallery.

    Offsite auctions are no longer allowed in the marketplace.

    Marketplace threads for offsite auctions are no longer allowed. Promoting auctions in your signature is ok.

    Please note this only applies to offsite auctions, not Ebay shops with fixed-price items. You can promote Ebay shops in Off-site Artisans.

    Do not leave feedback on Den of Angels for any transaction that takes place outside the forum, including Ebay, Etsy, etc.

    Changes to Hosted Orders

    There are new limits for hosted orders, which includes group orders, splits and custom manufacturing orders.

    You may organize two orders each in Group Orders, Splits and Custom Manufacturing, for a total of six hosted orders in all.

    Previously, we allowed three slots each in Splits and Group orders, and an unlimited number of Custom Manufacturing orders. In order to make a smooth transition, all current order threads may remain open.

    During this transition, it is ok to go over the six order total until your current threads are finished. However, you may not start a new hosted order if you already have two or more threads of that type.

    You have three open group orders and one open split.
    You may open a second split because you have not reached your split limit.
    You may not open another group order until two of your group orders are finished.

    Reminder: Do not promote splits, group orders or custom manufacturing orders outside the marketplace. Links in signatures are fine.