• Convertible/Infinity Dress Tutorial (Easy for Beginners!)

    I actually found this tutorial while searching for this infinity dress and realized just how easy it was to make this even when I am just doing handsewing. I already made a couple of them for my Minifee. The tutorial is about the same with the tutorial linked up there, but I would be putting my own version here just easier with the pictures I took and for more BJD wise kind of thing.

    So let us begin! Let us start with the materials first.


    What you need is:
    Office Paper/Tracing Paper (Big enough to draw out the pattern. I used one A4 size paper for my Minifee, but if bigger, then you might need more. Just paste together the papers and yeah.)
    Compass (If you don't have one, that's alright!)
    Sewing Needle
    Measuring Tape
    Fabric Scissors
    Fabric Pen/Chalk (I used fabric pen for most of the works I do. Very convenient if you ask me.)
    Polyester Knit (Stretchy, drapey fabric. Love this fabric so much!)
    Matching Thread

    And of course. Not forgetting, your model. I would be using my Minifee Chloe who is small bust A-line with cutie legs. Anybody with that body can just use the measurements I took. :>

    So we should start by taking measurements first! We start by measuring from the middle of the breasts over the fullest part (which means over the nipple) and towards the middle of the underarm. This measurement would be the width of the straps for your dress. I measured 4.5 cm for my Minifee small bust, so that would be the width.


    Now for the strap length, you just need to make the straps 1.5 times higher than the doll's height. So for my Minifee, she's 41 cm so the strap length would be 61.5 cm.

    Now let us go to the skirt. Let's measure the waist. And I got 12 cm for the waist.


    Now for the length of the skirt. I usually go for below the knees like so. And I used 16 cm.


    So that would be it for the measurements! Now off to the pattern! You just need to make a pattern for your circle skirt. To make the pattern, we would need to do some maths calculation because we would want to get the radius of circle of the waist measurement that you took. If you really want to know how I got the radius, here goes.

    Circumference = 2 x pi x radius
    Circumference = Waist Measurement
    Radius = Circumference / (2 x pi)

    Hopefully that's understandable. But the inner radius for the circle skirt I measures would be 1.9 cm. So using the compass, I measured 1.9 cm and then drawing out starting from one end of the paper like so.


    Then from there, at the end of the circle radius, I measured out the skirt length I wanted which is 16 cm.


    So you should get something like this.


    Do the same for the other side. The compass would not be able to do 16 cm sadly, so people would just use the oldest trick in the book. Using string and a pencil.


    After you draw that outer circle out, then cut it out. You should have a skirt pattern like so.


    Now you got your pattern, now it is time to cut the fabric! What I usually would do is I cut a a piece of the huge fabric I bought. It would be easier for me to cut the circle skirt out that way too. What I do is that I cut out a square which could fit the whole circle of the skirt inside.

    What I do is that I took the length of the skirt and know that when it would come out, it would be double the length. So it would be 32 cm. I give some allowance, and just measure out 39 x 39 cm square from the large piece of fabric.


    Then that fold square two times, making sure the fabric doubled on itself place the pattern onto the fabric like so that the edges would match up together.



    Continued in the next post~