Schedule, registration forms for workshops, and full contest rules will be posted when finalized.  Programming subject to change – we will also be adding more discussion panels and workshops as we confirm instructors and hosts!


Faceup Workshop

This workshop will be hosted by beloved faceup artists eliza_maza (Angel Toast) and dybbuk (Nocturnal-Doll).  We are in the process of selecting a third faceup artist to teach this class!

Each artist will demonstrate tips and tricks for painting a beautiful face up for your doll.
The class is free with your admission, but capped at 45 participants. Materials will not be provided, so you may either bring your own favorites or purchase an artist’s kit based on which instructor you choose on registration.

Photography Workshop

Students will learn the basics of doll photography!  Amateur photographers will learn about camera settings and how to frame a shot, as well as pick up tips and tricks to help bring dolls alive in photos. (Instructor to be decided.)

Fantasy Costume Design

Learn about fantasy costume design with Azurielle. Course outline will be posted when finalized.

Body Maintenance Workshop

Bring a doll and improve its poseability through restringing and sueding (hot glue or pliver).  Class size capped at 20, materials are included in your con attendance. Currently one class, but we will add a second if there is sufficient demand.


Doll Design on a Budget

This discussion panel shares tips on creating dream dolls on less than ideal budgets.  Attendees are invited to share tips and tricks for finding deals (company events and second-hand market luck!), creating DIY magic, and saving up.

Meet the Artists of Soom! (tentative)

Soom representatives will present about some of their past and future projects, as well as answer questions from attendees about the design and dollmaking process.

Meet the Artists of  Ring Doll!

Ring Doll representatives will present about some of their past and future projects, as well as answer questions from attendees about the design and dollmaking process.

BJD Sculpting – Where to start?

A presentation by artists from The Joint, DoA’s sister site, about BJD-making for amateurs.  Artists will discuss materials and technique, both with reference to traditional and computer sculpting.  Presenters will also give an overview of moldmaking and factory production for aspiring artists.

Name that Sculpt! (Presented by Doll North)

Think you can spot a sculpt from a mile away?  Doll North, our lovely Canadian friends, wants to challenge you with a photo trivia game!  Prizes awarded to the keenest eyes.



It’s a fancy fandom masquerade!

We invite you to take inspiration from historic masquerade balls, then cross those old designs with imagery from a favorite movie, book, or film to create a unique ensemble.  A Welcome to Night Vale-inspired men’s formalwear ensemble?  A Transformers-themed ball gown?  A Hulked-out tuxedo?  Go for it!  It’s a bit of classic couture mixed with modern fan enthusiasm and the only limitation is your own imagination!

There will be two categories for this contest – Readymade and Atelier.  Atelier entries must be made from scratch (with the exception of shoes); Readymade can be combinations of store-bought and handmade components.  Prizes will be awarded to both categories!

Entries are open to every size and brand of doll of any gender.  All costumes must include a semi-formal to formal body-covering garment and a thematically matching mask to be displayed on a doll.

You will need to provide your own doll stand and we encourage you to decorate your stand to match your theme!

Risqué themes are acceptable, but please be tasteful.

Extreme Modification Contest

This contest is for customizers!

Using the same base head (a Doll Family Practice head, $25, to be purchased from Mint on Card), skillful customizers will create an exciting custom!

There is no limitation on materials used or the degree of augmentation permitted – customizers may cut, drill, carve, or even sculpt on to the existing head.

Final projects will be displayed on Sunday for judging by convention staff and guests!  Heads may be displayed on a body, but it is not required.  Prizes will be given for both the judge and fan favorites.

Faceup Contest

Faceup artists are challenged to design a unique faceup based on the local landmark, Niagara Falls.  The theme can be obvious or subtle, but we want to see your creativity.  Any sculpt by any maker can be used, and it does not need to be displayed on a body if the customizer does not have one.

Photography Contest

In celebration of Den of Angel’s tenth anniversary, photographers are inspired create celebration-themed photographs.  Members can use as many dolls as they would like, traditional resin BJD or otherwise, and use of Photoshop is permitted as long as the dolls and set are the focus of the photo (rather than your awesome editing skills).  Photographers will provide an 8×10 print of their photo for display and judging.

Tiny Triathlon

Themed after DoA’s epic annual feats of skill, the tiny triathlon is a two hour long contest involving three challenging events!

The first event is a sewing-free costume challenge.

The second challenge involves a camera, some teammates, and some random junk!

The third and final challenge involves a pair of scissors, oh my!

What will the events include?  Who will win? Who has the endurance to complete all three events?  Bring a doll and join the fun.